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‘OLTL’s’ Robin Strasser on Money: ‘I Respectfully Requested To Be Paid the Balance of My One-Year Contract!’

George De Sota/JPI Studios
George De Sota/JPI Studios
George De Sota/JPI Studios

’s” (ex-Dorian Lord) is known for being very open on regarding the cancelation, revival, and then shelving of “.” While most of the other “One Life” actors have decided to remain more tight-lipped, Strasser has often taken to the social media site to make her feelings known.

Earlier today on Twitter, she revealed that she recently asked Productions to pay out the balance of her one-year contract. According to Strasser, she only worked and was paid for eleven weeks before production was halted, despite signing on for a year. “#PPP sed w/ due respect: NO,” Strasser tweeted. She explained that legally Productions had in their contracts that if the show ceases production, then the company isn’t required to pay out the rest of the agreed-upon salaries. “Ergo: shelved = no dough for many,” Strasser continued.

Still, Strasser said “I LOVE #PPP OR any entity that goes the DISTANCE for #OLTL #AMC.” When a fan responded that Prospect Park not paying out her contract was horrible, Strasser even defended their decision. “NO it’s BUSINESS…and it’s called Show Business…I applaud smart producers- as long as they don’t ‘give me the business’ LOL.”

But the former Dorian Lord isn’t giving up on seeing “OLTL” back on the air somewhere. She even offered up a possible solution to the current legal drama between ABC and Prospect Park. “#ABC & #PPP negotiate compromise – #AMC #OLTL back on network – PP gets fair $hare MAGIC?” She even admitted that if ABC were to “get smart again,” she’d return to the show on recurring status.

Strasser’s tweets in full are below.