Ignacio Serricchio Pulling Double Duty on ‘Y&R’?

Sean Smith/JPI Studios

On today’s episode of “,” Courtney Sloan’s () previously unseen text buddy revealed himself for the first time in Genoa City, or did he?


In a scene that followed Courtney’s near episode long conversation in the park with boyfriend Noah Newman (), Courtney looked up and said, “Hey, Zach” to a person that looked a heck of lot like Detective Alex Chavez, who earlier had plenty of snarky moments with Gloria () and Kevin () just before the episode end revelation. So what happens next? According to the official “Y&R” Twitter page, “Sometimes a newbie isn’t quite as new as you thought they’d be, right?!  There’s always more to the story!!  STAY TUNED to #YR! @CBSDaytime.”

Previously, characters and viewers were wondering if “Zach” might be an interloper in the Courtney/Noah relationship, but as stated above, “there’s always more to the story!”