‘B&B’s’ Darin Brooks Blooms in Online Drama Series

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He’s certainly been making a name for himself on CBS’ “” now that it’s been revealed that his character, Wyatt Fuller, is the secret son of Bill Spencer () and the half brother of rival Liam Spencer (), but in the online series “,” which tells the story of seven 20-something friends growing up in the city of Los Angeles who aren’t ready to bloom into their 30s,  finds himself dealing with a different kind of family drama.

Beginning with episode 2.3, entitled “The Unexpected,” Brooks portrays Ryan, the potential baby daddy of Francesca’s (), who she reconnects with and asks to take a paternity test to help her discover who the true father of her unborn child really is. The actor can also be seen in episode 2.10, entitled “Mum’s The Word.”

“Bloomers,” one of the few web series that has each episode lasting longer than 15 minutes, was created by , who also stars in the series as Brooke Matsumoto. The cast includes the aforementioned Fernanda Espíndola as Francesca Rosa-Tutu,  as Clarissa Goldberg-Zimmerman, as Karen Goldberg, as Vaughan Daldry, as Ross Buchanan, and as Joanna Ali Karamali.

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