WATCH: ‘Y&R’ Making Its Move to TVGN

Sony Pictures Television

“I’ll be spending my nights at TVGN,” says Victoria Newman () to Billy Abbott (), who walks in on his wife after hearing her say to an unknown individual, “My husband doesn’t know…at least not yet,” in a just released promo touting the “'” move to TVGN. “I was hoping you’d come with me,” she tells Billy.

As previously reported, “Y&R” will be moving to TVGN (formerly ), which picks up same day airing rights of the soap from beginning Monday, July 1. Despite the move to a new network, “Y&R” will retain its 7:00 PM, ET/PT time slot, where it has built a solid following with viewers while episodes continue to air day-and-date with its broadcast airings on CBS.

CBS acquired 50% of TVGN ( owns the other half) earlier this year and “Y&R” is the first program being introduced to the network by its co-owner.