ON THE TALK: Marie Osmond On Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt; Debbie Rowe Custody Possibilities

CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

From CBS:

Paris Jackson remains hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Marie Osmond weighs in, saying she relates, coming from an iconic show business family and having lost her own son to suicide:

“She should be more protected…This child is embarrassed…She’s not fine.”

“I think (it’s time )to take the opportunity to really look at all the components in this child’s life, whether he is her father, her abandonment issues with her mother, this family that she really didn’t know; the public, terrible things said about Michal, her dad… People can be so cruel. It’s like massive bullying.”

“This little girl is in a very hard place. Who knows what the answers are? My heart breaks for her.”

Marie Osmond on Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt

Debbie Rowe & Paris Jackson Custody

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