TOLN Releases Revised ‘One Life to Live’ Episode Breakdown (Weeks of May 27 and June 3, 2013)

The OnLine Network/TOLN

With weekly episodes of “” now reduced to just two originals (down from the previously scheduled four), ’s has released a revised breakdown schedule of episodes for the weeks of May 27 and June 3, 2013.

Week of May 27 – 31, 2013:

  • Tuesday, May 28 – Natalie seeks advice from her parents on how to deal with the phone call. Blair asks Tea for a favor. Bo and Nora get a surprise visit from an old friend. Guest starring .
  • Thursday, May 30 – Trouble arises at Buchanan Family poker night. Matthew and Dani clash over Matthew’s new friend. Cutter scrambles when disaster strikes Shelter again, but is it really an accident this time? Guest starring Snoop Lion.
  • Friday, May 31 – Soaps, sex and stars behind the scenes of “One Life to Live!”  (Jack Manning) spills real life drama. Actors’ guilty pleasures and exclusive first looks at next week!

Week of June 3-7, 2013:

  • Tuesday, June 4 – Jeffrey breaks another huge story for The Banner. Tea receives a mysterious message. Todd clashes with Dorian during a day out with Dani. Matthew gets a surprise guest at his apartment. Guest starring Snoop Lion.
  • Thursday, June 6 – What kind of advice could Snoop Lion possibly have for Matthew? Dorian comes up with an idea for David’s reality show. Vimal takes control of his open marriage with Rama. Guest starring Snoop Lion.
  • Friday, June 7 – Soaps, sex and stars behind the scenes of “One Life to Live!” Exclusive actor interviews, inside scoops and First Looks at what’s coming up next that you won’t see anywhere else!

Episodes of “One Life to Live” are available for download on US and for $9.99 (multi-pass subscription) or $0.99 per episode; the show is also available for unlimited viewing on (free) or enabled devises (via subscription).


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