TOLN Releases Revised ‘All My Children’ Episode Breakdown (Weeks of May 27 and June 3, 2013)

The OnLine Network/TOLN

With weekly episodes of “All My Children” now reduced to just two originals (down from the previously scheduled four), Prospect Park’s The OnLine Network has released a revised breakdown schedule of episodes for the weeks of May 27 and June 3, 2013.

Week of May 27-31, 2013:

  • Monday, May 27 – David has developed a new medical device, but will he be able to convince Joe to put him back on the staff at Pine Valley Hospital? While working together, Zach and Lea unlock a secret password to a website that shows the hell Cassandra has been going through since being abducted by sex traffickers. Uri learns some disturbing information about Cassandra and decides that she has to go, but it’s not exactly what Cassandra has in mind. Will she ever find her way home? Will Miranda finally learn the truth about her father?
  • Wednesday, May 29 – Opal gets a surprise visitor, but she’s not thrilled to see who is on her doorstep. While in New York with Pete, Celia’s visions grow more intense. Just as Pete tries to uncover what is wrong, his attention is swayed to a televised press conference that could change Cortlandt Electronics forever. After feeling like an outsider with classmates at Jane’s Addiction, Miranda finds comfort in a new friend. Jesse, Zach and Lea chase a lead they have in finding Cassandra. But is it too late?
  • Friday, May 31 – Soaps, sex and stars behind the scenes of “All My Children!” Jordan Lane Price (Celia Fitzgerald) talks being a tease on set. Actors’ guilty pleasures and exclusive first looks at next week!

Week of June 3-7, 2013:

  • Monday, June 3 – Brooke makes David an offer he can’t refuse to tell his side of the story about what happened the night of the party that ended in the murder of his daughter. Jesse uncovers the place where Cassandra is being held captive and finds a bittersweet message. Will he find Cassandra in time? While in New York with Pete, Celia tries to move past her visions of the scary man. Zach and Lea interrogate Billy Clyde. Is he really the man behind Cassandra’s disappearance?
  • Wednesday, June 5 – Colby Chandler returns to Pine Valley. Jesse makes a deal with the devil. Will his new relationship with Uri lead him to Cassandra or blow his life apart? Celia begins to wonder if her visions go deeper than she could’ve imagined and makes a decision that could change her life. JR sees David and AJ together. Can JR stop his son’s relationship with his bitter enemy?
  • Friday, June 7 – Soaps, sex and stars behind the scenes of “All My Children!” Exclusive actor interviews, inside scoops and First Looks at what’s coming up next that you won’t see anywhere else!

Episodes of “All My Children” are available for download on iTunes US and iTunes Canada for $9.99 (multi-pass subscription) or $0.99 per episode; the show is also available for unlimited viewing on (free) or Hulu Plus enabled devises (via subscription).