The Sparks Fly Between Melissa Archer and Josh Kelly!

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The onscreen sparks between “One Life to Live’s” Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan) and Josh Kelly (Cutter Wentworth) have definitely been worth noticing, but could the actors truly see their characters forming a meaningful relationship? Or will their fling be over in a hot second? We caught up with the pair to find out!

“It’s a very fun exploration, and I’ve love to see what they are planning to do and where they want to take it,” confesses Archer of Natalie and Cutter’s attraction to one another. “We’ve had fun so far, and I definitely think it’s exciting; I think we have good chemistry.”

Of course, throwing the pair together could also spell trouble, especially given the fact that both characters have a history of being somewhat feisty. “Natalie’s got some edge to her,” Kelly explains. “And so does Cutter. So I don’t know; it’d be fun. It would be fun to see.”

As of now, however, Natalie is a bit of a broken soul and not necessarily ready for true love again. “She’s a little lost,” Archer admits, adding that she’s really enjoying her alter ego’s latest journey. “The one thing that I’m enjoying so far is… even though Natalie’s heartbroken, I don’t feel she’s a victim. She’s going through what people go through in experiencing kind of an overwhelming like, ‘I’ve lost the love of my life. The father of my child’s not around.’ But at the same point and time, she wants to do this on her own. She wants to raise Liam. She wants to continue working.”

“But what I also like,” Archer continues. “Is because she’s lost, because she’s confused, it could lead to slightly more risky behavior and Natalie kind of maybe trying to rediscover who she is and/or going backward a little bit to a little more of her bad side.”

In comes Cutter, who, for all intents and purposes, isn’t exactly the best thing for the single mom right now! But it’s a natural progression Archer says Natalie needs. “When you’re not wanting to find love, or you know, commitment, you go for the person that seems like it can be easy and fun,” the actress says. “And I think that’s what she needs right now — easy and fun. And that’s not to say that those other things aren’t possibilities, but it’s what she’s exploring and playing with right now.”

Adds Kelly: “I don’t know… how we would find a balance, but it’s definitely fun working with Melissa, and the characters do seem to have fun.”