Vincent Irizarry Releases ‘AMC’ Revival Fan Guide

The OnLine Network/TOLN
Yolanda Perez/ABC
Yolanda Perez/ABC

Just in case you “” and “” fans are still a bit confused as to how you can watch your favorite shows once they debut on iTunes, Hulu and Hulu Plus on Monday, April 29, (David Hayward, “AMC”) has released a simple, straightforward viewing guide.

Similar to the info given out yesterday by (Dixie Martin, “AMC”) — who humorously portrayed an alter ego named Suzy F*cking Homemaker to spill the watching guidelines for the web soaps — this guide contains step by step instructions that are clearly laid out for even the most tech-challenged soap fans.

For more details, check out Irizarry’s official website.

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