Martha Madison Expecting Baby Girl

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Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

Considering that (Marly Nelson-Foster, “,” ex-Belle Black, “Days of Our Lives,” ex-Elizabeth Webber, “) married her husband, , back in 2007, the couple has no doubt heard the phrase, “So, when are you having kids?” a few thousand times. And now the pair has an answer!

The longtime soap star recently took to Twitter and announced the big news that she’s pregnant via a sneaky — yet effective — message: “My wise husband once said, ‘Life isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a series of complex chapters.’ This should be fun! #ItsAGirl #HalloweenBaby.”

Since that message, Madison has received an outpouring of congratulations and excitement from friends and family — the latter of which she has dished right back at them! “A whirlwind few months so far! So excited about all the milestones ahead,” she wrote. “Thank you all for your love and support!”