‘Coronation Street’ Heading to Hulu and Hulu Plus


The world’s longest-running current soap opera, ITV’s “,” is finally heading to America, Soap Opera Network has learned. The program, which began broadcasting on December 9, 1960, will begin airing recent episodes via Hulu and effective tomorrow, January 15 at 6:00 AM EST.

Hulu and Hulu Plus subscribers will have immediate access to eleven episodes from the current season plus two “Christmas Special” bonus episodes – packed full of weddings, birthdays, affairs, and betrayals. Additionally, fans won’t be left in suspense as the drama unfolds–new episodes will post daily, two weeks after they debut in the U.K., a rep for Hulu tells Soap Opera Network. Will an affair keep Tyrone and Kirsty from tying the knot? Will Roy accept help from Mary after an accident leaves him injured? U.S. “Corrie” fans will surely find out!


Noteworthy fans of “Coronation Street” include Snoop Dogg, Piers Morgan, Cheryl Cole and Sir Anthony Hopkins, who was once quoted as saying, “Life isn’t worth living if I miss an episode of ‘Coronation Street.'” The series has given viewers 53-years of daily drama, stunning bombshells, breakups, 39 births, 120 deaths and 88 weddings.

To catch all the soapy goodness, head on over to beginning tomorrow!

This is the first time that Hulu has made a deal with ITV.