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‘Political Animals’ Season Finale Airs Tonight!

‘Political Animals’ Season Finale Airs Tonight!

After five weeks of non-stop drama, one of my favorite new television shows, “Political Animals,” is concluding its six-episode mini-series run on USA Network tonight.

Andrew Accles/USA Network

Throughout its run, “Animals” has surrounded the lies, the affairs, the betrayals, and the numerous addictions of the Hammond family. As the families matriarch, Elaine Barrish (Sigourney Weaver), the former First Lady and Governor of Illinois, and current Secretary of State, is once again seeking to become the first female President of the United States. While she believes President Garcetti (Adrian Pasdar) is a good man, she feels she can do a much better job in the most powerful position in the world. In the season finale, aptly titled “Resignation Day,” Garcetti throws an unexpected curve ball in Barrish’s plan to resign from his cabinet by asking her to be his Vice President in the next election. This comes as an unexpected twist, considering Garcetti already has a Vice President in Fred Collier (Dylan Baker). Being that “Political Animals” is a primetime political soap opera, things are likely to happen that may end up putting a wrench in Garcetti’s plan in the end.

Despite his decision not to accept her resignation, her resignation letter is leaked and tensions fly at the Washington Globe. Meanwhile, Douglas comes clean to his mother about his betrayal, which results in his making an impulsive decision. In the end, the Hammond family – and the country – are left at a crossroads.

The “Political Animals” season finale airs tonight at 10:00 PM ET on USA Network. The episode carries a TV-14, D-L-S rating.

To catch up with the series before the finale airs, click here.

USA Network has not made a decision as to whether “Animals” will continue beyond the mini-series event. Should it return, new episodes would not be expected until at least 2013. If it does not return, the program will have ended on a cliffhanger leaving viewers guessing as to what happens next.

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