One Life to Live Episode Counts: January 2012 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “One Life to Live” January 2012 Episode Counts.

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January 2012 Episode Counts

9 new episodes in January ’12

Listed below are the total # of episodes each actor appeared in for the month of January, and the percentages of total episodes each actor earned for the month of January.

1) Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning)—–9—–100%
1) Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan Bank)—–9—–100%
1) Michael Easton (John McBain)—–9—–100%
4) Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan)—–8—–89%
4) Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan)—–8—–89%
4) Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan)—–8—–89%
7) Roger Howarth (Todd Manning)—–7—–78%
7) Van Hughes (Cole Thornhart)—–7—–78%—–guest stint; first aired 01/03
7) Erika Slezak (Viki Banks)—–7—–78%
7) Bree Williamson (Jessica Brennan/Tess/Bess/Wes)—–7—–78%

11) Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)——6—–67%
11) Nic Robuck (James Ford)—–6—–67%
13) Roscoe Born (Mitch Laurence)—–5—–56%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
13) Ty Treadway (Troy MacIver)—–5—–56%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
15) Frankie Faison (Richard Evans)—–4—–44%—–recurring
15) David A. Gregory (Robert Ford)—–4—–44%—–last aired 01/10
17) Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan)—–3—–33%
17) Shenell Edmonds (Destiny Evans)—–3—–33%
17) Barbara Garrick (Allison Perkins)—–3—–33%—–guest stint; last aired 01/13
17) Patrick Gibbons, Jr. (Sam Manning)—–3—–33%—–recurring
17) Kearran Giovanni (Vivian Wright)—–3—–33%—–recurring
17) Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport)—–3—–33%—–guest stint; last aired 01/06
17) Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom)—–3—–33%—–recurring
17) Florencia Lozano (Téa Manning)——-3—–33%
17) Sean Ringgold (Shaun Evans)—–3—–33%
17) Tess, Madeline and Molly Sullivan (Hope Thornhart)—–3—-33%—–recurring

27) Peter Bartlett (Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe)——2——22%——recurring
27) Nick Choksi (Vimal Patel)—–2—–22%—–recurring
27) Meghann Fahy (Hannah O’Connor)—–2—–22%—–guest stint; last aired 01/06
27) Farah Fath (Gigi Morasco)—–2—–22%—–last aired 01/12
27) Joel Haberli (Bandaged Patient)—–2—–22%—–guest stint; last aired 01/04
27) Ted King (Tomas Delgado)—–2—–22%
27) John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom)—–2—–22%—–last aired 01/12
27) Christian & Gavin McGinley (baby Liam)——2—–22%—–recurring
27) Kelley Missal (Danielle Rayburn)—–2—–22%
27) Tonye Patano (Phylicia Evans)—–2—–22%—–recurring
27) Tim Ransom (Cole’s Doctor)—–2—–22%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
27) Andrew Trischitta (Jack Manning)—–2—–22%
27) Matthew and Nicholas Urbanowicz (baby Ryder)——2—–22%——recurring
27) Austin Williams (Shane Morasco)—–2—–22%—–last aired 01/12
27) Uncredited actor portraying Ford’s Doctor—–2—–22%—–guest stint; last aired 01/10

42) David Aaron Baker (Tv Announcer Voice Over)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/05
42) Susan Batten (Luna Moody)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
42) Carolina Bermudez (Blanca Morales)—–1—–11%—–recurring
42) Anna Marie Gibbons (Girl in Hospital)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/11
42) Crystal Hunt (Stacy Morasco)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
42) Fiona Hutchison (Gabrielle Medina)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
42) Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett)—–1—–11%—–last aired 01/13
42) Ezra Giovanni-Scott Malak (baby Drew)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/13
42) Scott T. Miller (Statesville Commanding Officer)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/04
42) Peter Austin Noto (Prisoner Johnny Rocket)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/03
42) Anges Nixon (Agnes Dixon)—–1—–11%—–special guest stint; last aired 01/12
42) Teresa Patel (Neela Patel)—–1—–11%—–recurring
42) Pamela Payton-Wright (Addie Cramer)—–1—–11%—–recurring
42) Austin Peck (Rick Powers)—–1—–11%—–recurring
42) Jonathan Earl Peck (Malcolm Baker)—–1—–11%—–recurring
42) Lenny Platt (Nate Salinger)—–1—–11%
42) Trevor St. John (Victor Lord, Jr.)——1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/13
42) John Wesley Shipp (Eddie Ford)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
42) Jason Tam (Markko Rivera)—–1——11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/13
42) Shenaz Treasury (Rama Patel)—–1—–11%—–recurring
42) Jessica Tuck (Megan Gordon)—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
42) Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde)—–1—–11%——guest stint; last aired 01/13
42) Tuc Watkins (David Vickers Buchanan)—–1—–11%—–recurring
42) Uncredited actor portraying Statesville Cop—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/04
42) Uncredited actor portraying Todd’s Associate—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/13
42) Uncredited actors portraying EMTs—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/06
42) Uncredited actors portraying Llanview EMTs—–1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/09
42) Uncredited actors portraying LPD Cops——1—–11%—–guest stint; last aired 01/05

Various totals for all other dayplayer roles for this month.

Contract cast members NOT appearing this month: Terri Conn (Aubrey Wentworth AKA Kristine Karr) and Josh Kelly (Cutter Wentworth).

Major recurring cast NOT appearing this month: Patricia Elliott (Renée Divine Buchanan), Jessica Leccia (Inez Salinger), and Saundra Santiago (Carlotta Vega).

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