OLTL Recap: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Tuesday, December 6, 2011.


Much of Llanview takes a break to watch their favorite program, the legendary soap opera, Fraternity Row.

Viki and Clint’s reminiscence over the show leads to a kiss. Clint’s later mention of Kim’s letter undoes all the progress he and Viki made.

Rex and Aubrey seek out Kim. Kim realizes from their story that Stacy is out of the hospital and at large. Kim offers to help them locate Stacy and fill in the blanks in the story – but only if they retrieve the evidence that will exonerate her. Cutter and Stacy surface at the rebuilt Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas.

In Llanview, Noelle reveals to Shane that she has concocted a special pie recipe in Gigi’s honor and intends to enter it in this year’s Paris, Texas Pie-Off. Together they share some emotional memories of Gigi. Noelle invites Shane to join her and Moe in Texas to see the Gigi Morasco Special win the contest.

Starr tries to get Jack to open up, first about Neela, then about Shane. Jack rebuffs her, intent on solving his problems himself. Neela gets an earful about Jack from Roxy and Destiny. Neela decides to give Jack the cold shoulder, but at EOD Shane has a plan and suggests she do the exact opposite.

At EOD Roxy gets some very unwelcome news.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Viki confides in Noelle.
  • Neela cozies up to Jack.
  • Roxy is in disbelief.