Walt Willey Reveals Prospect Park Has Made A Proposal to Actors

Thomas A. Montalto/MontaltoPhotos.com
Thomas A. Montalto/MontaltoPhotos.com

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “All My Children’s” Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery) was on today’s edition of WGN Chicago’s “Midday Fix” and while the actor was there to promote his stand-up act and meet and greets while he was in town, one topic that was up for discussion happened to be about Prospect Park and what its plans are with “AMC” and in particular the actors.

As we’ve previously reported on numerous occasions, 2-year-old Prospect Park is set to transition “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” to the internet after they complete their runs on ABC on September 23, 2011 and January 13, 2012, respectively. One of the things that must be worked out, however, is a deal with talent in front of and behind the camera.

“‘All My Children’ goes off the air on September 23rd, off broadcast television, but moving on with a company called Prospect Park – moving to the internet and hopefully a cable channel and the fans are dying to hear about that,” said Willey.

For those wondering when we’d start hearing about who would be moving to the online version, Willey put some fears to rest when he revealed that “we just got our proposal two nights ago, so we are all looking at it now, but bunches of stuff for people to be brought up to date on, which is why I did these meet and greets before the shows. So many people want to know what is going on and we want to tell them.”

While millions of fans wait for word on what their favorite soaps will look like as the go online, there was still some time for a little fun. Willey joked around with the “Fix” co-hosts when he announced he had T-Shirt’s made up called the “Dead Dogs of Daytime.” Although he didn’t reveal the name of the individual he was referencing to that helped him come up with the concept, he stated “somebody referred to us actors who are in soaps, as these things come to a close, that we were ‘Dead Dogs.’ The phrase of course is ‘Dead Ducks,’ not ‘Dead Dogs,’ but they weren’t even bright enough to know that.”

Willey can be seen tonight at 7:30 PM at Zanies – Old Town; Friday at 8:00 PM at Zanies – St. Charles, Saturday at 7:30 PM at Zanies – St Charles. For more, visit: www.zanies.com or www.waltwilley.com.

If his stand-up act wasn’t enough, Willey can be seen jumping out of a plane during the Chicago Air & Water Show on Sunday, August 21 along with the U.S. Army Golden Knights. For more information, go to explorechicago.org.