AMC PreVUE: Week of July 18 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of July 18 Edition

( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of July 18, 2011.


Krystal puts the pieces together when Marissa reveals that she has found love on Monday, July 18. Jesse & Liza reach a new understanding. Maya confides in Frankie after spending some time with Lucy. Jesse overhears the pair but shakes off his suspicions … until he catches sight of Maya’s boyfriend on Tuesday, July 19. Angie & Maya have a heart to heart. Jake & Amanda attempt to disguise their potent fear as they await her biopsy results. Frankie calls Asher out on his pill addiction on Wednesday, July 20. Caleb overhears.

The Inside Story: Puzzle Pieces
Jane tries to make nice after accepting David’s marriage proposal. Kendall & Bianca privately agree that something has to be done. Jane’s arrival puts the brakes on Ben’s decision to free Erica. Later, Jane is affected as she listens to Erica’s memoir. Griffin is irked that David isn’t returning his calls about Erica. He tries to explain his trust of David but is affected as Kendall recounts how David has toyed with the very same lives he’s saved for his own agenda, detailing the story of Maria Santos. Jane is moved by Jack’s resolve as he faces off with David over Erica. Griffin asks David if he has “treated” other patients like Dr. Santos. David brings up what he did for Griffin and his sister when Griffin refuses to drop the topic – and tells Griffin it’s time to make a choice. On Thursday, July 21, Cara tells Ryan about David & Griffin reconnecting during her recurrence with cancer. Griffin flips out when Cara tells him about her chat. Greenlee is sure David is the key to what her subconscious is repressing and to that end begins to play her ex. A hurt Jane finally sees the truth about David. Greenlee tells Kendall her plan. Erica deduces Jane is not really calling the shots. Jane arrives and confirms Erica’s suspicion. The women have a heart to heart. Erica is surprised when she sees a picture of Jane’s original face. Jane takes Erica’s advice to heart. Ben & Jane decide to free Erica but assert that they cannot reveal her location.

A Closer Look: All By Myself
JR becomes defensive when Tad questions him about his drinking. Tad receives a package from Dixie’s father after JR leaves. Marissa fills Scott in on the developments with JR & Bianca. She can’t help but feel responsible when she realizes JR’s drinking again. JR lashes out at Marissa & Scott who try to explain her decision had nothing to do with him. Alone, a self-loathing JR looks at a picture of Dixie and apologizes. Dixie gathers the strength to stand up. Tad goes through Dixie’s childhood diary with Cara by his side. He becomes emotional after reading a passage regarding Dixie’s dreams for her future. Tad tells Cara about how finding and loving Dixie changed him. Cara & Tad agree to help each other discover who they are without Jake & Dixie. Amanda tells JR she doesn’t want his help but does express her regret about his condition. Caleb tells an upset JR that Asher is leaving the mansion with him after seeing the state JR is in. JR acts out. Marissa tries to explain everything to AJ. JR becomes agitated after talking to Bianca and ends up making another scene in front of a scared AJ. Bianca consoles Marissa. Unable to locate Dixie, David frantically tries to reach his henchman, Ben! Cara finds Tad looking through Dixie’s things and tells him about Kathy’s sighting in the park. With Dixie’s help, Tad finds a unique way to say a final goodbye on Friday, July 22. JR listens from afar as Tad talks from his heart about his life with Dixie.

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • Jesse gets the results of the secret DNA test he conducted for Maya and Lucy.
  • Erica ends up in a whole new cell after attacking a manipulative David.
  • Janet, Marian and Annie return.
  • Amanda & Jake receive the results of her biopsy.
  • JR & Erica both have encounters from the (not so) great beyond.
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