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B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap  — Tuesday, June 14, 2011.


Brooke looked at herself in the mirror and thought about all the insults people have thrown at her. Hope came downstairs and asked if she was ok. Brooke said that everything Taylor and Stephanie have said about her over the years are true. "I have no morals, no decency, no integrity." she said. Hope told her she was wrong and that she didn't want to listen to this. "I know it hurts to realize the kind of mother that you have but it's the truth, and you have to face it. So do I." Brooke said. Hope said she couldn't understand. Brooke told her that she needed to do something positive with her life. Hope wondered how leaving Forrester and divorcing Ridge was positive. "What else can I do with my life? I'm not a good mother, I'm not a good wife, I am a bad influence. I'm a bad person." Brooke said. Hope continued to be in disbelief and confided that she still isn't convinced something happened with Thomas. She noted how James had doubts about it as well. Brooke insisted that Thomas wouldn't lie. Hope begged her mother not to give up on Ridge. Brooke stressed that she has to do this to find peace for herself. Hope wondered what happened to Brooke and said she was not being herself. "Mom, this is not who you are. You are a fighter." she said. Brooke said she fought for all the wrong reasons. She told Hope to never be like her and to learn from the mistakes she's made.

Nick visited Stephanie in her office. Stephanie told him that Brooke took her completely by surprise at the meeting she held. Nick said he's still not interested in Stephanie's proposition for him to pursue Brooke. He said she needs Ridge because they'll always be in love. Just then, Stephanie had a small cough attack. When it was over, she said she was fine. Taylor came in and told Nick about the foundation Brooke started. Nick demanded to know what really caused this all to happen. Stephanie and Taylor disagreed on Brooke's intentions. Taylor thinks this is just apart of another one of Brooke strategies, while Stephanie thinks she's being genuine and heartfelt. Nick left. Taylor and Stephanie continued to talk about Brooke.

Liam and Bill talked in Bill's office. Liam admitted he was distracted because he's about to have a child with a woman he doesn't like or trust. Bill told Liam that Amber and Tawny were nothing but a couple of grifters. Liam told his father that Justin will represent him and protect all of his rights. Bill was impressed with how Liam was taking charge. "That's my boy." he told him. Liam worried about how hard this is all going to be for Hope and said he wanted to something special with Hope before things get complicated. Bill approved. Liam said that he had an idea.

Amber's doorbell rang. It was Carl. Amber told him that she needs another paternity test. Carl said that he's done enough and complained about how he hasn't been paid enough for it. "You promised me a cut of some big bucks and all I've gotten is some cheap champagne and chocolates." he said. Amber told him there might be a slight glitch in her plans. She begged him to help her. Carl gave in and said he needed a DNA sample from the guy (Marcus). Amber called Marcus and told him that she needed to see him. Marcus wondered why they couldn't talk over the phone. Amber said it needed to happen in person. Later, Marcus came by and said that he knew what this was all about – she's lonely and wanted to be with him again. Amber lied and said that was true. She played along with him and weaseled her way into plucking a hair from his head. Marcus said this didn't feel right. Amber told Marcus that he's a really sweet guy and friend to her but she needs to think about her baby now. She told him that maybe it was best he leave now. After he left, she examined the hair she plucked from his head.

Later, Carl kicked an employee out of the lab so he could be alone. Amber, in panic mode, arrived at the lab and gave Carl the pluck of Marcus's hair. "Just get me the answer, ok? I need to know before the baby comes!".

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