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B&B Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

B&B Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

B&B Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Thursday, June 23, 2011.


Ridge stopped by Taylor's home with Brooke on his mind. Taylor appeared and the two talked about memories they had when they lived together. Taylor asked Ridge why he came. Ridge regretted not being able to be with Taylor and the kids much when they were younger. He told Taylor about his visit with Brooke earlier and how she's adamant on changing. Taylor said that was great and all but it doesn't change what happened to Thomas. Ridge said he felt like he had to change his life, to. 

At Forrester, Stephanie continued to be annoyed with Thomas' guilt over lying about Brooke. She told him that Brooke may have not done anything this time, but she's done plenty in the past. "You're fathers free, lets just move on!" she growled. She reminded him that he has a chance to make his mark on Forrester. Thomas wondered if he really deserved it. Just then, Steffy came in and announced that Ridge was at Taylor's house. Stephanie encouraged them to go. Steffy said she thinks they need some alone time together. Later, while Steffy was on the phone, Stephanie told Thomas not to let the guilt get to him and to be ok with what he's done because it's positive. Stephanie once again pressed Thomas and Steffy to spend the evening with their parents. When Thomas stepped away for a second for a phone call, Steffy told her Grandmother that she doesn't want to push her parents together if her father isn't ready. Stephanie said that all he needs is a little motivation. She slipped something in Steffy's hand and told her to keep it. Thomas got off the phone and Stephanie told them to go see their parents.

At home, Brooke looked at photos of her and Ridge together. Katie and Donna stopped by and asked what's been up with her. Brooke said she needed time to herself. Katie and Donna told her they wouldn't leave until she told them what's wrong. The subject of Hope came up and Katie apologized to Donna about what happened. Donna said we all have problems and that it's best to share them. Katie and Donna encouraged Brooke to let them in on what's wrong. Brooke told her sisters that she told Ridge to move on and make a life with Taylor. Katie and Donna couldn't believe it. Donna told Brooke that she looks like the walking dead. Brooke said it was a hard decision but it had to happen. She told them she had to take a hard look at herself and also added that Taylor will bring peace to Ridge and be a great influence for Hope. Katie and Donna were aghast with how Brooke was talking about Taylor like she was a saint. They noted all the things she, as well as Steffy and Stephanie have done that were nowhere near perfect. Brooke sighed and told them she did something on the island after she ate the berrys that she couldn't bear to tell them. Katie told Brooke she could tell her sisters anything. "I slept with his son!" Brooke blurted out. Katie and Donna looked at her with shock.

Thomas and Steffy arrived home. Ridge stopped Thomas from going to his room. "No matter what happened, were still a family. We should be together," Ridge told him. Taylor told Thomas and Steffy that Ridge wants to make some changes in his life. Ridge told them that he knows he hasn't always been apart of their lives and that it's hurt them. He said he couldn't believe what happened with Brooke and that she's proven to be a danger to the family. He apologized to them for that. He said he was with all of them right now because that's where he's supposed to be. Ridge recalled how happy they all, including Phoebe, used to be together. He took Taylor's hand and said what Brooke did was unforgivable. "Our family has been fractured. We need to pick up the pieces and rebuild," he said. He told Taylor that this was their time; their beginning. "Marry me."

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