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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 4, 2011.


Ashley is upset that she and Abby had their fight. She shares the results with Tucker, who shares with her on going to see Jack about partnering up since he has acquired her stock. Ashley figures that Jack is going to make Tucker wait it out. Ashley voices her concerns regarding Abby, to which Tucker blows off as a mere temper tantrum. The soon-to-be Mrs. McCall tells him that she wants her daughter at their wedding. Meanwhile, an upset Abby is wondering why Daniel hasn't returned her phone call.

At the cemetery, Daniel and Lily are talking when Devon slinks on over, convinced that the two are seeing one another. Both Lily and Daniel are honest in telling him that nothing is going on between the two of them, but become annoyed when Devon keeps pressing that both of them have something to hide. Lily tells Devon that he needs to stop being ridiculous with his assumptions; pointing out that Daniel is only a support system for her when dealing with her feelings about Cane. A rather pesky Devon believes otherwise.

Diane and Victor are planning on having a romantic evening with one another when Jack shows up. Sauntering in, he makes it a point to rub it in his face about owning Newman stock. Too bad for Jack, Victor laughs in his face and tells him that he only assumes he's going to be 'running things'. Jack continues to goad him but leaves when Victor dismisses him.

Tucker tells Ashley that she can't beat herself up over Abby's childish attitude toward him. Ashley continues to worry about Abby's feelings about the two of them getting married. Back at Gloworm, a buzzed Abby vents her problems to Deacon. She gushes on about Daniel but her gushing about him turns into snipping about how he is always there for Lily whenever she needs him. Deacon tells her if she wants to work out whatever problems she has, she needs to do it head on. Taking his advice, she decides to call Lily, requesting that she meet her.

Diane tries to console Victor, but he blows her off. Getting angry, Diane wants to know why he can't open up to her about his feelings about his own children. Victor continues to disregards her. She tries another approach by going forward with a quiet evening with him. When he tells her that it's not a good time, a frustrated Diane tells him that she's going out to a movie.

Jack runs into Nikki at The Athletic Club. He takes his turn in gloating with her about Abby selling him her stock. She lights into him when she finds out that he purposely left out the fact that Abby was pressured by Tucker to sell to him during his conversation with Victor. A smug Jack leaves her frustrated, headed over to kiss major butt with Tucker to work together to bring Victor down. Jack spins a new deal with him, but Tucker passes up his little offer. Ashley, fed up with Jack's antics, tells Tucker it's time she has a talk with her brother.

Lily, Devon and Daniel all arrive at Gloworm to witness a drunk Abby rant on about how Lily was so quick to arrive to talk to her. When she learns that Daniel was with her, she snaps about how the two of them were together at the time she needed him when it came to dealing with Tucker. She tells Daniel that she doesn't want to him but rather talk to Abby. When the two go off to talk, Devon continues to blabber on about Daniel playing two women. At a table alone, in the meantime, Abby starts to belittle Lily and how she is such a 'wonderful' person, overcoming so much. Lily listens on as a drunk Abby demands that she tell her if she wants to have Daniel for herself. When Daniel arrives to try to console Abby, she breaks down into tears, insistent that he's picking Lily over her. After making a fool of herself in front of everyone, Devon promptly escorts her out.

Nikki shows up at the ranch to talk to Victor. Realizing that he is alone, she asks if she can come in. Victor invites her inside. She tells him the real reason why Abby sold her stock to Jack. Despite it being solely about Tucker, Victor becomes furious and lashes out that nobody treats him the way that they do without facing the consequences. Nikki in turn lectures him for turning his back on his family over every single thing that is done. The two calmly talk things over, unaware that Diane has returned, listening in. She becomes pissed when Nikki accomplishes what she has failed in; getting Victor to open up about his family. She watches in disgust as the two hug.

Ashley voices her annoyance with Jack and his constant disrespect for her relationship with Tucker. She tells him about Abby's behavior and how she refuses to come to the wedding. She begs Jack to be peacemaker in order to get Abby to be in her wedding. Jack balks at being in the middle until Ashley pleads with him to talk to Abby in being there when she needs her family the most.

Diane finds herself on Jack's doorstep. He wants to know why she's there. She tells Jack she wants to get even with Jack, and wants him to help her. Jack asks what could she possibly have in mind. Dropping her coat, she reveals her naked self to him, saying he can give it to Victor by giving it to her. Jack hurries himself over to her, ready to have sex.

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