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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 3, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, May 3, 2011.


Jack arrives home to find Ashley and Tucker having drinks. He comments on the wedding planner that just left. The three of them discuss the IPO and how Tucker was sold Adam's shares. After commenting her disappointment in not trying to merge Beauty of Nature, Tucker conveniently leaves to do some business. Leaving Ashley and Jack alone, she asks him if he'll do the honors of walking her down the aisle. When he shows lack of interest in doing so, Ashley becomes upset that Jack is hesitant. He soon regrets hurting her feelings and gives her a 'yes' to her request.

Devon sticks his nose into Lily's business regarding the flowers that have arrived. Snatching the card from her hand, he reads what it says and starts questioning who she is supposed to meet. Lily becomes uneasy by his curiosity. Meanwhile, Sofia tries but fails to dodge Olivia's questions about her and Neil. When she deduces that the two of them slept together and that the baby could be his, Sofia panics. She tells Olivia about her doctor's appointment and Olivia, after calculating the conception date, tells her how to fudge the information with both the doctor and Malcolm. When Sofia thanks her, an upset Olivia tells her to save her thanks and do her best to make sure she makes Malcolm happy.

Daniel and Abby are making peace with one another when Tucker arrives, interrupting their time together. After being requested to leave them alone, Daniel tells Abby he'll catch up with her later. Together, Tucker starts working on her regarding her stocks, telling her it would be a wonderful thing to have to give her mother for a wedding gift. Tired of his constant badgering, Abby tells Tucker to go to hell and stop using her to get what he wants. Tucker is left empty-handed once again.

Home alone, Jack is surprised when Abby arrives, wanting to talk to him. She fills him in on how Tucker keeps trying to get her to sell her stock. Jack is surprised but tells her about Tucker buying Adam's stock from him. She tells him that she wants to shut Tucker up and sell her stock one dollar less than what he is offering. She tells her uncle that she wants him to have the stocks. A over-eager Jack takes up the offer, more than happy to have the stock to rub in both Tucker and Victor's faces.

Malcolm and Neil are at the coffee shop when Malcolm realizes that he needs to be there for Sofia's doctor's appointment. Neil quickly tells him that he needs to take a lot of notes on what the doctor tells them about the baby; he also stresses that he wants to be kept in the loop about everything that happens regarding the pregnancy.

Devon, still nosey about Lily, spots Daniel at Crimson Lights. Cornering him, he tells Daniel that he doesn't think it's right for him to be trying to make a move on Lily so soon after the death of Cane. Daniel sets him straight and lets him know that he and Lily are just friends and nothing more. Devon starts questioning him about the flowers that Lily received. Daniel tells him he knows nothing about flowers and that perhaps he should mind his business.

Lily arrives at the cemetery and sees Cane there. He asks if she received the flowers he gave her. Lily starts to ask him if he's unable to 'crossover'. As she touches him, he pulls her into his arms and tells her that he'll do whatever to be with her. The two share a kiss, just as a car pulls up. He pulls away and tells her he'll be with her soon, and departs.

Abby spots Ashley and Tucker having dinner. She takes great pleasure in rubbing it in his face about selling her stocks to Jack. When Tucker departs to leave Abby and Ashley alone, her mother lashes out that Abby purposely did it to humiliate him. Abby doesn't hold back in telling Ashley how much she hates Tucker. The two get into a heated argument, to which Abby lashes out that she refuses to be at the wedding to watch her mother marry another man that will hurt her mother. She storms off leaving Ashley shaken. Meanwhile, Tucker finds his way over to Jack's house and decides to switch gears to get Jack on his side to take down Victor. Not ready to jump on his offer, Jack merely tells Tucker that he'll think on it.

Daniel shows up at the cemetery and asks Lily why she's there in the middle of the night. She tells him she simply wants to be there to feel close to Cane. A worried Daniel tells Lily if she ever needs someone to call him. The two embrace, to which snoopy Devon witnesses.

Ashley tries again to get Abby to be happy for her. Unfortunately for her, Abby sticks to her guns on her feelings about Tucker. Her mother quickly accuses her of not wanting her to be happy but Abby points out she wants that for her, but not with Tucker. She tells her that he will only hurt her in the end. When the two don't make peace, Ashley walks away, leaving Abby to have a drink to soothe her frustration.

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