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GH PreVUE: Week of May 30 Edition

GH PreVUE: Week of May 30 Edition

GH PreVUE: Week of May 30 Edition

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of May 30, 2011.


Elizabeth pleads with Robin to keep quiet. Michael tells an upset Jason that he is going to consider Johnny’s job offer. Johnny finds his homicidal father in exactly the position Anthony wants him to. Abby reaches her breaking point with Michael on Wednesday, June 1. Dante & Jason plot together to protect Michael. Shawn goes off on Patrick in front of Carly. On Thursday, June 2, Jax puts both Robin & Olivia in an uncomfortable position. Carly is forced to fire Shawn after Jax hits her with his latest discovery about her guard. Shawn confronts Jax. Kristina request her brother’s help in controlling Sonny on the topic of Ethan. Jason realizes his dilemma with Michael mirrors his experience with Jake. The Davis’ women gather to talk babies with Sam. On Monday, May 30, “General Hospital” will air an encore presentation of the disastrous aftermath of Sonny & Brenda’s February wedding.

The Inside Story: Familial Scars
Lulu is leveled when she discovers Luke checked out of rehab the same day he checked in. She makes plans to track down her father. Maxie finds a manic Lulu trying to redo the Haunted Star. She tells her friend that there’s nothing she can do to bring Luke home. Tracy makes plans to sell the Haunted Star for both Lulu and Luke’s sake. Maxie confides her concern for Lulu to Matt. Lulu convinces Nikolas to invest in the Haunted Star. She continues her plans to revamp it for Luke to return to. Tracy and Dante’s concern for Lulu deepens on Friday, June 3.

A Closer Look: Family Business
Sonny & Brenda argue about each others lacking parenting skills on Tuesday, May 31. The couple eventually reach a compromise and make plans for a family outing. Anthony puts in motion his ghoulish plan to cause even more trouble in the Corinthos marriage. Brenda & Alec find the dead body of Anthony’s hit woman when they walk into Sonny’s office. Sonny tries to reassure a shaken Brenda that he will keep her and Alec safe. Kristina & Michael defend Sonny as a father to Brenda. Brenda tells Sonny she wants him to hand the business back to Jason.

General Hospital News and Headlines:


  • Shawn confides his secret to Carly.
  • Matt’s new position delight Maxie.
  • Jason and Sam discuss his future.
  • A devastated Ethan finds Maya in bed with another man.
  • Alexis and Sonny race to stop Ethan and Kristina from getting married.
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