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Y&R Recap: Monday, April 11, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, April 11, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, April 11, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, April 11, 2011.


With the guard knocked out, DA Walsh and the guard outside wonder what's taking Sharon so long in coming out of the bathroom. When they enter, they discover the bars off of the window and the guard down. Hurrying out, they call for a lockdown, stating that Sharon Newman has escaped.

Upon seeing Tucker going into a meeting at Restless Style, Katherine cozies up to Victoria, giving her warning about Tucker's business tactics. She informs her about Victor re-instating Adam's trust. Victoria scoffs at the news.

Phyllis and Billy start working on their piece on Restless Style when they see a news clip stating that Sharon has escaped. Across town, Victor, who is watching the same news clip, calls Michael to tell him that he's going to make sure he finds Sharon before she does anything else foolish. As for Sharon, she's already in a car, doctored driver's license in hand, all set leave Genoa City.

Adam, pretending to be upset that Sharon has escaped instantly gets questioned by both Walsh and Vance on whether he helped her escape. Walsh points out that the guard was taken down with chloroform and insists that he was the one that arranged for her to escape. When it's mentioned that he should go on television to appeal to her coming back, Victor walks in and insists that he, not Adam will be the one to do it. Walsh suggests that Adam be the one to go before the cameras. A furious Victor tells Walsh that Adam is behind Sharon's escaping, to which Walsh fully agrees.

Victoria is disgusted that Victor merely handing trust to Adam. Katherine quickly corrects her and tells her that Tucker bought Adam's stock. Katherine continues to work doubts in Victoria's mind about Tucker. Victoria's mind starts to race about how she could be played for a fool by the man.

Phyllis arrives on Sharon's doorstep and is met by Nick. He asks her why she's there. She tells him that she was looking for her; after all she escaped from the courthouse. Nick can't believe she took off again. He puts the blame on Adam, saying that every foolish mistake that Sharon has done was because of him. Adam arrives and demands to know what they are doing there.

Sharon, now a brunette and donning a more seductive appearance, tosses her clothes and heads to see her mother. When Doris returns home, she thinks that a stranger has broken in. When Sharon reveals herself, Doris is angry that she escaped. She insists that she stay there until the police arrives. Sharon can't believe that her mother won't support her. Sharon says she needs her mother to be there for her daughter. Doris lashes out and tells her that her poor choices always put her children second to anyone else.

When Phyllis and Nick grill Adam about Sharon's whereabouts. Playing dumb, Adam tells them that he knows nothing about her whereabouts because he didn't help her. Neither Nick or Phyllis are buying what he is telling them. Adam continues on with his lie on them. He tells them that the best way to find Sharon is if they work together. Phyllis agrees to look at the bus terminals, while Nick checks out the train stations. Adam opts to take the airport. When Adam heads out, Phyllis and Nick both agree that Adam has something to hide and decide to follow Adam instead.

Victoria confronts Tucker about buying Adam's stocks. Tucker admits to buying his stocks to help secure getting Beauty of Nature. Victoria doesn't buy it and asks him what side deal he promised Adam for giving over his stocks. Tucker wants to know what she's been hearing. Meanwhile at the Newman Ranch, Katherine gleefully fills Victor in on how she managed to cast doubts in Victoria about Tucker's character.

Billy can see that Victoria is upset and insists that she stop focusing so much on Beauty of Nature and get together with Nick to start their own business. Victoria realizes that he may be right and muses that she's glad that Katherine filled her in about Tucker when she did.

At the airport, Adam get a flight for St. Martins. Knowing that he's being followed not only by the police but Nick and Phyllis, he boards the flight. Like clockwork , Nick and Phyllis get on the same plane. Meanwhile, a distraught Sharon replays the accusations and attacks against her, realizing that she truly is on her own.

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