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Y&R Recap: Friday, April 1, 2011

Y&R Recap: Friday, April 1, 2011

Y&R Recap: Friday, April 1, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, April 1, 2011.


Nick informs Sharon that Phyllis and Adam are in Thailand trying to find evidence to help clear her name. She is slightly hopeful, but that hope is soon erased when Vance tells her that they are down two of her witnesses.

At the Thailand marketplace, Adam becomes frustrated when the memory card is missing from Sharon's camera. Phyllis, not wanting to give up, insist that they continue searching till they find the card. Adam's frustration makes him want to just head back to Genoa City. An insistent Phyllis instructs them to split up to search for the boy that sold them the camera.

An exposed Jana tells a furious Primrose that she isn't trying to cause trouble, but wants to know that her friend's baby has been placed in a good home. Primrose wants to know how Jana found about her but Jana tells her that she won't share that information. She promises that she won't tell a soul about what they discuss but when Primrose threatens to make sure that she doesn't, Jana warns her that people know where she is at. Not buying her story, Primrose pulls out her cell phone but before she can make the call, Jana shoves her out of her way and escapes.

At the coffee house Daniel and Michael once again get into it regarding Daisy. Daniel stresses that he was a victim too of Daisy, but Michael continues to find flaws in his explanations. He accuses the young man of purposely letting Daisy go so that he didn't have to deal with possibly seeing his baby. Soon after, Lily and Lauren arrive and hear the commotion going on. When Lauren sees Daniel, she blasts him for letting Daisy get away.

Jana, with the copied digits she filmed from Primrose's files, she heads over to the coffee shop and asks Kevin to help her figure out what they mean. An annoyed Chloe departs and heads over to pay Victoria a visit. She stresses that Billy and she need to fire Jana because she is unstable. Victoria points out that Jana is very good with Lucy and doesn't see any problems. Chloe tells Victoria that if they don't fire Jana, she'll go for custody of Delia. Victoria lets her know that she doesn't have the power to take the young girl away. Back at the coffee shop, after some investigating, Kevin tells Jana that the numbers that she have are account numbers; one of them being of someone's account in Genoa City.

Not wanting to wait for another trial, Sharon is told by Vance that he's putting her on the witness stand. Vance asks her to tell the jury about her reasons for going to Hawaii. Sharon says that she only went to Hawaii to bring Skye home so she could clear Adam's name. She points out that while she wasn't a saint, she didn't set out to harm Skye when she arrived in Hawaii. When it's Walsh's turn to cross-examine her, he tears about her character by bringing up her stint in a psychiatric hospital and the fact that three men she was involved with had to have a paternity test to determine who Faith's father was. Nick and Billy look on, worried about how the case could change.

When Adam and Phyllis meet back up from searching for the boy who gave them the camera, Adam points out that it is hopeless; they don't have what they need to help Sharon. Adam soon spots the boy and asks about the memory card. He along with another boy purposely scam Adam and run off with the rest of his cash. Adam tells Phyllis that he is heading back to testify on Sharon's behalf because he knows what he saw on the camera. It dawns on Phyllis that someone else has seen it too; Koa. They race back to the motel room, only to find it empty. Koa has managed to rip himself from the bed post and escape.

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