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‘One Life’ Releases New Casting Call

‘One Life’ Releases New Casting Call

'One Life' Releases New Casting Call

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” has issued yet another casting call, this time recycling the script for the former minor recurring character of Reed Wagner. You may remember that Reed (originally portrayed by Gavin Alexander Hammon) was the man whom Kelly (Gina Tognoni) had an affair with while still married to Kevin Buchanan and living in London, and then followed her to Llanview.

The script opens with “Reed” and “Katherine Mackenzie” in a restaurant. Katherine walks over to Reed’s table and tells him that she got his message and that they need to talk. Reed notices her hesitation and admits that he first thought she was trying to run out on him again, which makes Katerine somewhat defensive. This prompts Reed to recall how she left London just as things were starting to get hot and heavy between them. However, Katherine insists it was nothing but more than a celebration of the launch of their new wine. Reed remembers how she used talk endlessly about the vineyard. Katerine claims it was only because she owned stock in the operation and was just trying to make small talk with him. Reed relents, but asks her not to run away again. As the scene ends, Katherine states that she can’t make any promises to to that effect.

It isn’t yet known, however, if the show is recasting the role of Reed of simply using this script to cast (or react) a different role.

In other news…

Shenell Edmonds (Destiny) has posted some of her upcoming airdates on her Facebook page. They include Friday, April 15 and Monday, April 18. Edmonds states that she will post her May airdates at the end of April.

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