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B&B Recap: Thursday, March 24, 2011

B&B Recap: Thursday, March 24, 2011

B&B Recap: Thursday, March 24, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap – Thursday, March 24, 2011.


Katie asked Bill if he really tried to kill Amber. Steffy tried to intervene but Katie told her to shut up. Katie wondered if there was more to what happened than what Bill told her and Liam before. Bill said that there was. Katie couldn't believe it. Steffy intervened once again, trying to explain that he didn't try to kill her, but Katie just got frustrated and asked why she was even still here. Bill told Steffy that he wanted to speak to his wife in private. Steffy left the room. Katie asked Bill to tell her the real truth about what happened on the cliff. Bill let Katie know that he was just trying to protect his son. He had every intention of trying to push Amber off the cliff, but he didn't. Katie couldn't understand why he would take such drastic measures and reminded him that if fate hadn't took over, he would've killed his own grandson. Bill once again said that he did it all for his son and family. Katie asked him if he considered her family and thought once about her or their relationship when he was about to push her off the cliff. She was at a loss thinking about how he planned to murder a woman on the property they had just bought. Katie and Bill couldn't come to piece with the matter and Katie wondered how Steffy was involved. Bill explained that Steffy witnessed the whole thing and ended up saving Amber. "That doesn't answer the question 'what was she doing at our house in the first place?'. How often have you been meeting with your little confidant because I'm feeling a little left out." Katie said angrily. Bill told Katie that he loved her and that he was sorry. "I lose control, Katie. I wasn't thinking." he said. "You weren't thinking about me, you weren't thinking about our life together, and you sure as hell weren't thinking about that innocent baby that Amber is carrying, because like it or not, Bill, that kid is your family to." Katie lamented. Bill went on to say that he was just overwhelmed by an "incredibly powerful" paternal instinct to protect his son. "I was consumed by it" he said. Katie said she wanted to know every last detail of what happened that day and most of all why he confided in Steffy. Bill explained to her again that Steffy was there that day and saved Amber. Katie wanted to know why she was even there in the first place but Bill had no clear answer. Katie couldn't understand how Bill could try to justify what he did to Amber just because she's a bad person. She started crying and Bill vowed and hoped that they'd be able to work past it.

With her mothers help, Amber got busy making dinner and setting up things for the dinner party she had planned for later. Oliver called Amber from Forrester and said he and Hope couldn't make it and that they could do it another time. Amber tried to convince him to come by telling him that Hope needed to be at the party tonight so that she could realize the reality of things: Liam belongs with Amber (because she's having "his" child) and she belongs with Oliver. Oliver reluctantly agreed to come to the party just as Hope walked in.

Oliver asked Hope out to dinner. Hope wondered where they were going. Oliver told her they were going to a dinner party at Ambers. Hope thought he was kidding. Oliver pleaded with her to come and to make things run smoothly between the four of them. Hope agreed to attend the party and vowed to make Oliver see that she can handle herself.

Liam arrived at Ambers house. Tawny left. Liam was annoyed with Amber when she told him what she really had planned and told her it wasn't a good idea. Amber said that she just wanted to make things more friendly. Oliver and Hope arrived. Amber poured everyone drinks and they all sat in the living room. Clear tension was felt between Amber and Hope. Liam explained to Hope that he had no idea Amber had this planned and that he had just found out minutes before they arrived. Amber played it off like he was kidding. Amber then brought up picking baby names, which fiercely annoyed Hope.

Thomas showed a patron the new Taboo line. After, Steffy arrived in his office and told him she knew about their fathers memo. "That kiss on the plane back from Paris? You said it wasn't a big deal but obviously it was." she said. Thomas told her she didn't know what she was talking about. Steffy called him out on what he and Brooke did at the press conference and then asked if he was that in love with Brooke or if it was just lust. "Are you that in love with Bill Spencer or is that just lust?" Thomas shot back. Steffy said that Katie is all wrong for Bill and that she has no idea who he really is. "She thinks she understands him but she's deluding herself." she said, also adding "Katie just wants a husband who is straitlaced, plays by the rules, always buttoned up. Well, I'm sorry. That's not Bill Spencer. Never will be. She's in denial.". Steffy went on to say that she admires Bill's dark side and that Katie won't be able to look at her husband the same again after tonight.

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