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‘One Life to Live’ Casting Odds & Ends

‘One Life to Live’ Casting Odds & Ends

Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 4:00 PM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: Yolanda Perez/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — More casting updates for “One Life to Live.”

In the aftermath of Cristian (David Fumero) and Layla’s break-up when Tika Sumper briefly returns later this month, Cristian receives some much needed comfort in the arms of a very familiar face before leaving Paris. On Tuesday, January 25, look for him to be consoled by his cousin (and Fumero’s real-life wife) Adriana Cramer (Melissa Fumero).

Looks like payback really is hell. After Ford tells cops the truth, Clint (Jerry verDorn) arranges for Llanview University’s Dean McKenzie (Kristine Sutherland) to cast suspicion upon Ford (David A. Gregory) for his father’s murder to the police on Wednesday, January 26.

Things in Llanview are about to get a little creepy. Broadway performer Wesley Taylor, who can currently be seen in the stage rendition of “The Addams Family,” posted on his Facebook page that he was “Out of the matinee and perhaps the evening show tomorrow. Shooting ‘One Life to Live.’ Playing a creeper.” The 24-year-old Taylor taped his scenes on Wednesday, January 12. Neither his airdate, nor the person(s) he’ll be “creeping around,” have been announced.

“One Life to Live” has released four new auditions scripts this so far this week. The first is for the bit part of a “Landlord.” Remember that “OLTL” frequently changes character names in these scripts in an attempt to throw off viewers. The scene starts with “Talia’s” landlord arriving at her doorstep. He is somewhat at a loss for words after she answers the door indicating that she is about to take a shower. He tells her that he is about ready to turn her water off for a little while. Disappointed, Talia states that she was getting ready to undress and hop into a nice, hot shower. The landlord asks her if her husband was there, to which she responds that he has stepped out for a moment. The landlord asks Talia to remind her husband that he has been giving them a break on their rent. Talia seems shocked by his comments, especially when the landlord states that he their rent is now two months behind and that her husband said that they really needed to save his money. Talia asks him to come in and discuss the matter further, and that he can even scrub her back in the shower if he wishes to. However, the landlord is not interested and demands his money. As the scene ends, Talia claims that she thought they had reached an understanding, to which he says that the building needs repairs and that they cost money.

The second script is for the role of “Jillian,” which is nearly identical to the one released back in November for the role of Michelle, and was cast with “Everwood” star Vivien Cardone (who first aired on January 6). The scene opens with “Jillian” informing “Rich” that she bumped into “Lilly” and “Alex.” Rich states that he wasn’t aware the two even knew each other. Jillian responds that they are in English Lit. class together, and were just formally introduced to one another. She asks Rich what went on with “Dean” in the court room. He tells her that he can’t because he, along with everyone else, was barred from entering. Jillian is surprised by that, considering how he and Dean are family after all. She also states that she is on the planning committee for her sorority’s Valentine’s Day dance at LU and wants to know if Rich will go with her. Rich tells her he will, and a happy Jillian walks off to go to her committee meeting.

The third script is for the role of “Sister Beatrice,” who asks “Tim” if she can be of any help to him. Tim tells her that he is looking for a patient named “Lisa Sales.” Smelling alcohol on his breath, the nun reminds him that booze is strictly forbidden there. Undeterred, Tim insists on seeing Lisa, claiming it is official business. She agrees to take him to see Lisa, but reminds him of her delicate mental state. Promising to be gentle with her, he asks the Sister if Lisa’s doctor has spoken with her yet. She tells him that she she gave the doctor his message, and that it is out of her hands now. As the scene ends, Tim explains that it is important that he also speak with the doctor face-to-face.

And the fourth script is for an “Assistant,” and opens with him informing “Trey” that he won’t charge him for fake blood to make extra stains with.  Trey passes on the offer.  The assistant then says that he can there are twelve photos that come with the package he is considering purchasing, and that most copules chose to have their picture taken in front of Dracula’s tomb.  When Trey tells him that it won’t be necessary, he laughs and tells Trey that he must have never been married before now.  Trey then responds to the assistant’s question about his wife by saying that he had left something back in their room and had to go back and get it and will return shortly.  The assistant says that they all they need now is a witness, and that he would be more than happy to step up to the task.  Looking concerned, Trey tells him that will be acceptable.  As the scene ends, he reminds Trey that the charge will be $14.95, and wants to know if Trey has made up his mind, to which he responds in the affirmative. 

Catherine Hickland (ex-Lindsay Rappaport) dispells rumors that she may be returning to “OLTL” in the near future, in response to a fan who asked her if Lindsay would be “returning to ‘OLTL’ sometime soon and befriending a relatively new character named ‘Inez,’ in jail… can you share if there’s any truth to this rumor??” Hickland’s reaction was that “This is the first I’ve heard of it so I am going to say no it is not true. Sometimes the fans come up with great story lines, which is why I used to love ‘Fan February’ so much.”

Upcoming airdates for Nic Robuck (James) include (among others )episodes airing on or around the following dates: January 21, 24, 25, and 27, February 15, 21, 22, 24, 25, and March 3 and 4.

And “One Life” Executive Producer Frank Valenitni is weighing in on outgoing talk show host Wendy Williams‘ upcoming appearance on the show, stating that “If it’s happening in entertainment and pop culture, then Wendy Williams is talking about it and having a good time doing it. She is the perfect person to play Phyllis, and we are looking forward to her bringing the energy and fun that she brings to her own talk show to ‘One Life to Live.'”   Williams is scheduled to discuss her March 2 and 28th “OLTL” appearances on her syndicated/BET talk show today (January 13). In addition, below is an on-set picture she posted from her day on the set on January 12:

Wendy Williams on the set of “One Life to Live.”

And here is a similar picture with “OLTL” Head Writer Ron Carlivati setting in the ‘host’s seat’:

“One Life to Live” Head Writer Ron Carlivati.

In other news…

Apparently not all former “OLTL” actors forget their old “Life” when they leave Llanview. John Brotherton (ex-Jared Banks) commented on the show’s Facebook page Thursday that “poor John… he actually thinks that’s his baby. We all know that baby is a Bank$.” His comment was in response to pictures of Natalie (Melissa Archer) and John (Michael Easton) holding their newborn baby.

“OLTL” Script Writer Scott Sickles that he “was pretty amazed by the great directing and editing in today’s [Monday’s] ‘prepping Jessica/Natalie for labor’ montage. Dramatic, suspenseful, artful — beautiful and utterly engaging. I’m especially proud of my show today [Monday]. I wish I had something to do with this episode other than reading the breakdown. And watching it. It’s a pleasure.”

Lenny Platt (Nate) looks to be a huge fan of co-star Tuc Watkins (David), tweeting recently that he had “Just watched last Tuesday’s [January 4] episode. Every one of Tuc Watkins’ scenes feels like it could be right out of a Howard Hawks film. Genius…”

And just a reminder that the “One Life to Live” studios will be dark on Monday, January 17 as the cast and crew take the day off in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.

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