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‘OLTL’ December Casting Updates

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‘OLTL’ December Casting Updates

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 7:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The latest comings and goings for the month of December and beyond.

The Llanview PD is about to have another murder mystery on their hands when Eddie Ford (John Wesley Shipp) meets a grizzly fate on Tuesday, December 14. The long list of suspects includes his next of kin, his ex-wife, and yes, even Llanview’s perennial suspect Todd Manning (Trevor St. John). But only one of them actually pulled the trigger. But which one?

Carolyn Hinsey wrote on her Facebook page on Monday that “Did you guys notice that ‘coming attractions’ are back on ‘OLTL?’ Look for a new open, new credits and a few new bumpers this week, too. Llanview is alive and well!” On a related note, the previews for the following episode returned with Monday’s show (in addition to a few other changes) and the opening credits were updated to include Nic Robuck (James), along with Lenny Platt (Nate) and Sean Ringgold (Shaun), both of whom were recently upgraded from recurring to contract status with “One Life to Live,” as well as a few new background graphics. The soap also began broadcasting in “digital widescreen” format on Monday.

Kourtney Kardashian‘s upcoming lawyer character now has a name — Kassandra Kavanaugh. Look for her scenes to air sometime in March.

Destiny’s (Shenell Edmonds) adoring boyrfiend Darren (J.J. Singleton) is back on Monday, December 27, when he arranges a little surprise for his lady love.

Get ready to see some more of Detective Theo Price. Max Tapper noted on his Facebook page on December 3 that he was “On my way in to the set. Late day today. Shooting scenes with Todd Manning, its gonna be goooood!”

Nick Choksi is back as Clint’s (Jerry verDorn) hired hand Vimal Patal (who was last seen carrying out his orders in the DNA lab at Llanview Hospital) in scenes airing in the coming weeks.

Speaking of verDorn, he has posted some pictures on his website of how the fictional town of Llanview will be celebrating the Christmas holiday in upcoming episodes of “One Life to Live.”  Click here and here to check them out.

Upcoming airdates for David A. Gregory (Ford) include December 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 20, 22, and 29.

“One Life to Live” has released four new audition scripts. The first, which is a “wide release,” is for the role of “Barton.” The scene opens with him him asking “Lily” what a nice girl like her is doing all alone on Valentine’s Day. When she responds that she is waiting for her date to arrive, Barton suggests that he could be her date instead. She tells him no and to leave her alone. However, he asks Lily how long she intends to wait for her date, to which she responds that her date is on her way to meet her. Barton tells her that didn’t realize she was a gay and apologizes. Then he asks her again where her date is. Lily says that he is not there yet. Confused Barton asks her if she is with a guy now. Lily responds that she only told him that she was dating a woman to get rid of him. As the scene ends, Barton seems relieved that she is not really a lesbian and Lily impatiently asks if there is anything at all that she can say to get rid of him permanently.

The next script is for the role of Repo, which is also a “wide release.” The scene opens with him telling “Kelly” that his old lady is away so they can talk now. Kelly asks if they know one another. He responds that just a moment ago she was ready to shack up with him to get under her boyfriend’s skin, and states that he is more than willing to help her out. Kelly informs him that she’ll pass on the proposition, claiming that she is no slut. She also tells Repo that his girlfriend should dump him. Ticked off, he asks her what the hell her problem is. She fires back that he obviously has no respect for women. Repo orders her to shut up before he does something he might regret. He then tells her that her boyfriend needs to learn how to keep her in line. Kelly reminds him that she’s not somebody’s trained dog. As the scene ends, Repo asks her boyfriend what kind of a man he is, that he would let his woman dominate their relationship. He goes on to say that she has probably flirted or cheated on him before, perhaps even right in front of him, and asks him to tell him if he is telling the truth or not.

The third script is for the role of “Kris.” The scene opens with her yelling at “Emma” and calling her a slut. Emma asks if she is talking to her. Kris says yeah, and demands that she stop batting her eyes at her boyfriend. Emma tries to calm her down, claiming that she has no interest at all in him. Growing upset, Kris asks why, is he not good enough for her or something. Emma says that maybe she should do like “he” did and fall head over heels with the first person she meets, and marry him. Kris shouts that he’s already married. Emma responds that he’s only getting what he deserves. Kris then confronts her man, and asks him if he tried to hook up with this slut the moment her head was turned. Emma then reminds Kris that she is no slut, and urges her to end the relationship, telling her that sometimes your man just isn’t all that into you. As the scene ends, Kris fires back, telling Emma that she doesn’t know who the hell she thinks she is, but that she just needs to keep her eyes off of her man for good.

The final script is for a “Priest.” The scene opens with him announcing that everyone is gathered for the christening of two children. He asks one of the mothers if she is ready to present her child. After she responds in the affirmative, he asks who will be responsible for helping the children lead a moral and faithful life. The mom responds that “we will, with God’s help.” The Priest then asks everyone to pray for the infants, and leads the group in a prayer. The mom asks the Lord to please hear their prayer. The Priest then proceeds to baptize them. Later, he congratulates the grandparents on the christening, telling the grandmother that it must be a happy day for them. The grandmother asks if it really shows that much. The grandfather responds that her ear-to-ear grin gave her away her joy. As the scene ends, the Priest tells her that he sees a lot of those and wishes the family the best of luck. The grandmother thanks him and says that it was a rather lovely ceremony. The Priest states that it was his pleasure as he starts to walk away.

Bianca (last name unknown) commented on the casting website The Agency that she was “Doing another Under 5 on One Life to Live on Monday (December 6)! YAY!”

Karen Viola was recently cast in an “Under 5” role on “One Life.”

Carmen Lamar plays “Maid #2” on Tuesday, December 14.

Mellini Kantayya is back as a Llanview Hospital Nurse on Wednesday, December 15.

Melissa House plays a Cop on Wednesday, December 8 and again on Wednesday, January 12.

James Saito returns as Judge Lee on Wednesday and Thursday, January 5 and 6.

Alex Tavis portrays “Amir” on Wednesday, January 12.

And Floanne Ankah and Franie Dumaurier were the voices of the French female and male in the November 30 episode.

From the Twitter files…

Bree Williamson (Jessica) wrote on December 3 that “OMG!!! What a week! There’s great scenes coming up but TGIF!!!!!!”

And “OLTL” music director Paul Glass states that he is working on getting the song that Dani sang to her parents in the November 11th episode available for purchase commercially. He also hints that another musical group may be performing on the show sometime early next year.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on ABC.com and SOAPnet.com. Check local listings.

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