AMC Recap: Friday, December 3, 2010

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Friday, December 3, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Friday, December 3, 2010.


Liza plans to prosecute Erica to the fullest extent of the law for David’s shooting.

After making love, JR and Annie say that life is too short for them to avoid how they feel about one another. Marissa finds out that Annie went to DC with JR and informs Caleb. JR plans on reminding Marissa of the man she once loved and hopefully she will back off in court and he and Annie can be together.

Asher shuts Bianca down when she asks him about Caleb. Caleb informs Asher he took care of his speeding ticket.

Asher finds Damon and Colby in a hot kiss.

On the Next All My Children…

  • Kendall tells Greenlee she must face what lies ahead alone.
  • Kendall agrees to plan a memorial for Zach.
  • JR assures Annie that his time spent with Marissa is only a ploy to get custody of AJ.

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