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OLTL PreVUE: Week of October 11 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of October 11 Edition

Friday, October 8, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: J. Graylock/JPI

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of October 11, 2010.


Viki expresses her suspicions of Echo to Rex and Natalie on Monday, October 11. After snooping around, Rex learns that Echo has decided to stay in town, and seems to be spending time with Clint. Meanwhile, Clint gets stood up by Inez at Rodi’s. Echo is sympathetic to Clint’s plight, and later pays Dorian a visit on Wednesday, October 13. And Kelly learns Rex is researching Echo for Viki, and gives him full access to all of The Sun‘s resources. Elsewhere in Llanview, Jessica tells Viki and Clint that Ford may have fathered her baby. Ford stops by to comfort Langston, only to find Markko already had the same idea. And, on Friday, October 15, Langston tells James that she already knows all about him and Starr, and that he might be able to win her over by saving her and Hope.

The Inside Story: Damsels in Distress

After he kidnaps them, Eli takes Starr, Dani nad Hope to the clinic in Cherryvale for medical supplies for his gunshot wound on Monday, October 11. Eli forces Dani to go inside the clinic and get supplies, where she ends up near her mother’s room. Meanwhile, Téa realizes something is not right, and decides not to trust anyone. Back in Llanview, Todd and John search Starr and Cole’s apartment where they find the dead body of Hope’s babysitter. Greg confesses to Natalie that Téa is, in fact, very much alive. On Tuesday, October 12, Starr manages to hide from Eli following a struggle, and leaves an urgent message with Hannah that she needs Cole’s help. At the same time, Téa’s escape attempt is thwarted when she encounters Eli. Locking Téa in the truck, Eli forces Dani to get back into the getaway car when she returns with the supplies. Blair learns Starr and Hope have been abducted. Marty gives Cole her support, and tells Natalie that Greg mentioned to her that he felt guilty over something he had done to Téa. By Wednesday, October 13, Cole tells Bo he wants to press charges against James for involving Starr in his scheme to help hide Dani. Later, Bo receives good news regarding the search for the girls. And Marty gives Hannah her support.

A Closer Look: Family Reunion

Natalie and Det. Price arrive at the Cherryvale Clinic only to find Greg’s patient, along with the nurse who was taking care of her, missing on Thursday, October 14. Eli locks an unsuspecting Dani and Téa in adjoining rooms in an old warehouse. As she overhears Eli on the phone with Todd and Blair, Dani falsely assumes Starr and Hope are in the next room. Eli demands $100 million from Todd in exchange for his hostages. Hannah nearly confesses to Cole that she is keeping Starr and Hope hostage in an attic, when Langston and Markko arrive to support him. However, Langston becomes suspicious after discovering Hope’s toy frog on the floor. On Friday, October 15, Eli taunts Téa that there will be no one to save her because everyone thinks she’s dead. However, mother and daughter soon come face-to-face after Dani manages to free herself. Hannah holds Starr and Hope at gunpoint. James realizes that Hannah has his bullet necklace. John and Natalie comb over evidence. Greg’s parents refer to a deep, dark family secret as they set vigil at the hospital. And, at that same moment, Eli manages to slip his way into Greg’s hospital room undetected.

One Life to Live News and Headlines:


  • Eli injects something into Greg’s IV. (National Enquirer)
  • Téa and Dani are finally reunited. (National Enquirer)
  • Starr tries to escape. (National Enquirer)
  • James grows suspicious of Hannah. (National Enquirer)
  • Roxy and Echo become quick friends. (National Enquirer)
  • Langston finds Ford and Hannah together. (National Enquirer)
  • Starr dreams about the the men in her life. (National Enquirer)
  • Destiny celebrates her birthday. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Eli sets up a rendezvous point for Todd to bring the ransom money. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Todd, Blair, John, and Bo have a showdown with Eli. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Natalie gets a confession out of Greg. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Greg’s secret sees the light of day. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Blair gets the shock of her life. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

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