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‘OLTL’ Fall Casting Notes

‘OLTL’ Fall Casting Notes

Friday, September 24, 2010 at 2:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: Yolanda Perez/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — In addition to all the new characters coming to Llanview this fall, fans can also look forward to seeing a few familiar faces as well. 

With two of Viki’s children already in Llanview (Jessica and Natalie), and another on his way back home (Joey), it was only a matter of time before her eldest son Kevin returned to Llanview as well.  According to a message posted Thursday evening on his Fan Page on Facebook, “Dan [Gauthier] will be returning to OLTL for a few episodes.. . no air date yet.” SON will continue to follow the story and bring you details as they develop.

Gauthier became the 11th actor to tackle the character of Kevin Buchanan when he stepped into the role in 2003.  Despite being fired from “One Life to Live” in 2006, he returned briefly in August of 2007 (for the show’s 10,000th episode), and then again in October and November of 2009.  Gauthier last appeared as Kevin in March of this year. 

Gauthier won’t be the only familiar face returning to Llanview this fall.  Tonye Patano will appear again as Phylicia Evans (and presumably Frankie Faison as her husband Richard Evans as well) during the first week of October when Greg is rushed to the hospital by John McBain, who finds him near death as a result of Eli injecting him with a potentially lethal drug.  On Tuesday, October 5, John shocks Mrs. Evans by telling her of her son’s connection to Elijah Clarke. 

Wondering what has brought Markko Rivera (Jason Tam) back to town?  Well, it isn’t because of his feelings for Langston, that’s for sure.  On Monday, September 27, Markko tells his ex that he came home for his parents Aurelia (Ada Maris) and Ernesto (David Piñón) because his father needs non-life threatening surgery. 

And, are Ross Rayburn’s (Bill Warlock) days in Llanview numbered?  On Wednesday, October 6, Ross is shot and pushed into the Llantano River by Eli during a confrontation between the two brothers.  Later Todd pulls him from the river just as Dani arrives on the scene…but will it be too late? 

In other news…

Congratulations for Kathy Brier (ex-Marcie), who wed her fiancé Jason Munt last weekend. 

Sight for sore eyes?  Tom Zeman (Morgan Guthrie) and Saundra Santiago (Carlotta) both made appearances earlier this week.

For those asking, the song in the montage at the end of the September 19 episode was Surrender by the group Digital Daggers.

Terrell Tilford (Greg) has added another November airdate — the 16th — to his list on his Facebook page.  He also comments that Sept. 22nd was an”Enduring day at the studio.  Ugh! Tough lines, check…This script is so dense…I keep discovering so much to use!”

Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweets “Thanks everyone for your compliments about my scenes lately.It means a lot.There are so many amazing things that we’ve been filming that hasn’t aired yet, and won’t for a while…but I am very proud of them.I am SO blessed to work with the cast on our show,” and that she is “Seriously thinking about exploring the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ idea…that would be a crazy/amazing experience.”

And Melissa Archer (Natalie) says she “Very long day [on the set] today [Sept. 21st], but all very good. Sweet dreams!!”

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