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‘OLTL’ Early September Casting Notes

‘OLTL’ Early September Casting Notes

Monday, August 16, 2010 at 10:30 PM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Fall begins to heat up in Llanview.

Kearran Giovanni returns as Dr. Vivian Wright on Thursday, September 2nd, when the doc and her colleague and former lover Greg each vie to become Llanview Hospital’s new Chief of Staff. Also look for Vivian to give Jessica some medical advice. The character was last seen in February when she accompanied her current boyfriend (and Greg’s brother) Shaun to watch Snoop Dogg’s performance at Capricorn.

Remember the audition script that was released last month for a Tahiti Cop? While the name of the actor cast in the bit part is unknown, expect the scenes to play out on screen starting on September 2nd as well. Watch for John to arrive in Tahiti after learning that Eli has been taken into custody on the tropic Pacific island, only to discover that the man under arrest is really Eli’s brother Ross.

Kassie DePaiva reveals that she recently taped a bunch of scenes, tweeting on Monday (August 16th) that she was “Coming off work week where I shot 14 episodes” before going on vacation. DePaiva also states that gets “Do a little fundraising 4 CHC & write beautiful song (hopefully 4 ‘OLTL’) with great songwriter Victoria Shaw.”

Jerry verDorn revealed last week in his fan club newsletter that “What a storyline we just started for ‘OLTL’/Clint. Family in-fighting, dirty play, a new romance and a new employee at Buchanan Enterprises. Plus some bombshell castings news.” While the casting part of his statement remains a mystery at this time, we can tell you that Clint wants to groom a certain member of the next generation of the Buchanan clan for a future at BE. His decision will be met with resistance from family and friends, however, who feel that the youngster is crossing over to the “dark side.” Also, Clint meets and takes a shine to a certain young lady who shares a connection to another member of his family.

And Matt Walton and his wife Alecia have become parents for a second time. On August 4th, they welcomed baby boy Greyson James into the world. Walton commented to Soap Opera Digest shortly before the birth that “It’s been wild. Everything’s been falling into place.” The Waltons also have another son, Ava, who is five.

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