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Kim Zimmer Talks About Her New ‘Life’

Kim Zimmer Talks About Her New ‘Life’

Monday, August 30, 2010 at 1:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

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(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — She may have just started taping scenes for her big “One Life to Live” comeback as Echo DiSavoy, but Kim Zimmer is already dishing a little dirt on her upcoming storyline.

In an interview with the New Jersey Star-Ledger about playing the lead role of Christine in the new play “Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods” (which is set to begin its three week run on Thursday, September 2nd), Zimmer reveals that shortly after accepting the role, she received official confirmation from ABC that she would be returning to “OLTL.” “What’s better for an actor than doing a soap by day and a play by night,” she asks.

Zimmer, who was last on “OLTL” in 1983, says of her return, “I’ll be with my old friends Robin Strasser [Dorian] and Erika Slezak [Viki] from when I was first on the show. Not that the scripts will have me and Erika [Viki] as friends. Now that Echo’s back in Springfield, having finished with being a faux-countess, she’s there to stir up trouble — taking an interest in Erika’s [Viki’s] husband.” Despite Zimmer’s faux pas in confusing her former “Guiding Light” hometown of Springfield with “OLTL’s’ Llanview, it appears that Echo will not only interact with familiar faces like Clint, Dorian, and Viki, but with Charlie as well, much to Viki’s dismay.

Speaking of Slezak, the long-time “One Life” actress issued the following statement on her website on August 21st “Kim Zimmer has joined us at ‘One Life to Live.’ She comes back as the same character she played 27 years ago, Echo Di Savoy and Echo is here to make trouble. It will be lots and lots of fun and good story. I worked with her Friday, she was awesome as usual. I love her and am so happy to have her back. It will be story for so many of the older characters.”

As for the demise of “Guiding Light” (which was cancelled last year), where Zimmer portrayed Reva Shane on and off for more than two decades, she admits that “I was so angry that the show went downhill. After it ended, I started writing my memoir, and my co-writer Laura Morton had to let me spew about everything for a month. She was a genuine shrink in the way she was able to calm me down. It was real therapy writing that book. For the moment, it [the title] is ‘I’m Just Sayin.’ Because I did say a lot in it.” It is expected to be released by Penguin Books next spring.

You can read more of her comments, as well as learn more about the play “Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods,” here.

Look for Zimmer, who started taping her scenes on August 19th, to first air on Friday, October 1st.

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