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Kim Zimmer Returns to ‘One Life to Live’

Kim Zimmer Returns to ‘One Life to Live’

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 2:34 PM ET by Scotty Gore

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(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — In a suprising casting move, “One Life to Live” has managed to snag long-time “Guiding Light” star Kim Zimmer to reprise a role she hasn’t played in nearly three decades. 

Zimmer, who will step back into the role of Echo DiSavoy this fall, tells Soap Opera Digest that “I’m so excited.  I feel like its all come full circle.” The role is actually the actress’ second on “OLTL” (she played Bonnie Harmon in 1978).  She is perhaps best known for the role of Reva Shane on “Guiding Light,” which she played on and off from 1983-2009.  In addition to her roles on “GL” and “OLTL,” Zimmer has appeared on “The Doctors” and “Santa Barbara.”

For those unfamiliar with Zimmer’s last stint in Llanview, here’s a little recap: In 1983, Echo made her Llanview debut as an intriguing countess/photographer who put the moves on Clint Buchanan (then portrayed by Clint Ritchie).  However, Clint was unaware that the woman who was trying to seduce him was actually trying to lure him into a trap, since she blamed him for her mother’s death.  After taking him to a bridge, they got into a huge argument, after which Echo jumped to her “death.” The incident was witnessed by Dorian, who told the police that Clint was to blame.  Eventually, Viki located a very much alive Echo, who in turn confessed to her crime and promptly left town in October of that year, leaving Viki and Clint to repair their marriage. 

Expect Zimmer to interact with several familiar faces in Llanview, including Viki, Dorian, and Clint, among others in a “big” storyline.  It is rumored that she is back for only a short-term stint, however a spokesperson for the show had no comment. 

SON will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as conditions warrant.   

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