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One Life At a Glance: June 21 Edition

One Life At a Glance: June 21 Edition

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Sunday June 20, 2010 at 4:00 PM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Ford lies about his attacker this week on “One Life to Live.”







Will Ford be able to identify his attacker?

  • Monday: (Episode 2009236/42236/236) — Ford identifies his attacker.  Kelly and Reed grow apart.  Bull searches for Starr. 
  • Tuesday: (Episode 2009237/42237/237) — Dani walks in on Todd and Téa in bed.  Kelly finds a mysterious piece of paper.  John and Brody search Hannah’s dorm room.
  • Wednesday: (Episode 2009238/42238/238) — Hannah plants evidence against Starr.  Cole may be in trouble for jumping bail.  Langston confronts Ford about their relationship. 
  • Thursday: (Episode 2009239/42239/239) — Cole surprises Hannah with a kiss.  Charlie finds David unconscious.  Matthew tells Bull he knows who has his money. 
  • Friday: (Episode 2009240/42240/240) — Starr may help James steal a car.  Hannah tells Cole she has feelings for him.  Nate is in trouble. 

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