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OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 31 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 31 Edition

Friday, May 28, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The big day has arrived.


Markko is thrown in jail. Thinking she is to blame for Ford’s attack, Todd has Hannah followed on Tuesday, June 1. Starr remains certain her father is innocent. Markko is placed in the cell next to Cole. John and Brody realize the evidence is piling up against Markko. Elsewhere in Llanview, Natalie and Brody agree to keep mum regarding their tryst. Brody and Jessica share a romantic evening at Llanfair, while Natalie and John to the same at his office. Gigi and Rex return home and inform Shane of what they found out. Natalie feels guitly about her night with Brody, while Jessica regrets nearly having sex with Ford. After asking Matthew if Danielle ever responded to his saying that he loved her, she spots Dani and Nate kissing. On Thursday, June 2, Destiny warns Dani that she needs to be honest with Matthew or she will. Later Dani tries to break the news to Matt, however they keep getting interrupted.

Memorial Day encore of 04/02/10 episode

David watches from a distance as Kim walks out on Clint, and later vows to get revenge on David.  Starr is forced to keep Langston’s secret.  Schuyler tricks Gigi into going to Viki’s cabin with him.  Bo and Brody realize Allison’s gun is missing.  Bo informs Rex that Fish is really Sierra Rose’s father.  Rex isn’t sure who his parents really are.  John tells Natalie that he and Marty are moving in together.  Allison confesses to Kelly and Todd that she she went to kill Melinda, but that she was already dead when she got there. 

The Inside Story: Wedding Bell Blues, Part I

Nora asks Viki to be her maid of honor on Tuesday, June 1. Bo takes Nora back to his place, where they spend their final out out of wedlock. The next morning they arise, anxious to tie the knot for a second time. As they awake on Wednesday, June 2, the sound of thunder can be heard in the distance, as an intense thunderstorm is headed straight for Llanview. The day goes from bad to worse for Nora, as a serious of accidents results in an eye patch, crutches, and a speech impediment from a broken tooth. When she finally makes it to Foxy Roxy’s, Viki, Jessica, Natalie, and Roxy attempt to raise her spirits. However, after Roxy puts the rinse in Nora’s hair, she accidentally turns it green.

A Closer Look: Wedding Bell Blues, Part II

Meanwhile, at the church, Bo and Matthew discover that a skunk was stuck inside the building the night before. A search by some pest control guys fails to turn up any four-legged creatures. To further complicate matters, the wedding singer, who has come to rehearse, sets off a deodorizing bomb, which ultimately leaves her hoarse. Despite everything, however, Bo vows to save the day somehow. But then on Thursday, June 3, Bo’s tux is ruined when he is sprayed by the skunk. Rex helps Bo work to get things back on track. David surprises Bo and Rex. Across town, Nora’s wedding dress catches fire. Blair is asked to sing at the wedding. On Friday, June 4, Roxy manages to return Nora’s hair to its normal shade of red. Viki and Gigi present Nora with the dress she wore the first time she married Bo. Jessica has a dental student repair Nora’s tooth. Later, Nora is able to remove the eye patch and walk without crutches. David walks in on Bo trying to remove the skunk stinch by soaking himself in a tub of tomato sauce. Afterward, Bo finds the tux he wore at their first wedding. But just as everything appears to be coming together, Bo and Matthew learn that Andrew is nowhere to be found just as the ceremony is about to begin.

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