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AMC PreVUE: Week of June 23 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of June 23 Edition

By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The citizens of Pine Valley put their cards on the table.



Tad manages to cheer up a withdrawn Kathy while trying to convince Jake to stay in town. Colby benefits when Adam tries to secure her votes at Chandler Enterprises with some expensive early birthday gifts. JR and Babe continue to grow closer. Tad knows that Kathy is missing Julia.

In the Name of Love

Frankie refuses to believe Randi is a prostitute. Angie and Jesse take notice as their son refuses to leave his new friend’s side. Angie observes as Jesse tries to get answers about Randi’s beating. The cops end up giving Jesse a lead after initially brushing him off. Randi comes clean with Frankie; meanwhile, Jesse sets a trap for Randi’s pimp. Realizing it’s the only way he’ll truly be happy, Angie tells Jesse to go ahead and take the Chief of Police job. Frankie’s involvement with Randi concerns Angie.

Harem Mayhem

Annie is sure a missing Greenlee is with Ryan and ends up getting into it with Kendall over her business partner. Meanwhile, at the marina Greenlee surprises Ryan with a boat ride and the two friends confide in each other. Greenlee insists to Aidan that she just wants to be friends but is flustered by his flirting and makes a hasty retreat. Wanting to prove to herself that she can be friends with a man, Greenlee tries to convince Jake to move in with her. Jake is resistant to Greenlee’s offer but has a change of heart after learning that Richie is walking around a free man. Aidan admits to Jake that he wants Greenlee back and asks his friend to keep a close eye on his ex.

Sibling Dysfunction

Zach roughs up Richie but gets little satisfaction in doing so. Myrtle tries to talk sense into Zach, pointing out he would never be at peace with himself if he takes further action against Richie. Annie, Ryan, Zach, Kendall, Babe and JR gather in the courtroom for Richie’s arraignment. Richie destroys Annie’s credibility on the stand when he forces her to admit that she gave false testimony against him when he was sent to jail several years earlier. Richie is released on bail but is ordered to wear a monitoring device. Annie feigns shock at the turn of events. Zach decides to bring Ryan in on his plan to make Richie disappear once and for all. Annie reminds Richie to make good on their deal before he skips town. Richie heads to Fusion where a tentative Kendall, Babe, Greenlee and Amanda are pulling an all night brainstorming session. Zach and Ryan find an unconscious Annie in Richie’s motel room. Zach grows suspicious of Annie. A lethal Richie prepares to make his move.

In & Out of Lockdown

Jack informs Erica that the judge won’t allow Carmen to be released to work for either one of them. A determined Erica later blackmails Adam into employing Carmen at his mansion and giving her room and board. Carmen and Erica share an emotional goodbye. Erica’s new cellmate could spell trouble. Samuel visits Erica to take a look at the conditions in solitary confinement in an attempt to bring reform. Samuel and Erica end up locked in the cell together when the prison suddenly goes into lockdown.


Monday: Things don’t look good for Babe. Krystal pushes Adam away. Erica and Sam find a way to pass the time while in solitary.

Tuesday: Babe plays along with a delusional Richie. Zach, JR and Aidan are hot on Babe’s trail. Angie makes Randi face some cold hard truths about herself.

Wednesday: Richie is no match for Kendall, Greenlee and Babe. Erica and Samuel continue their flirtation. Krystal feels guilty after sharing a kiss with Adam.

Thursday: Annie tries to cover her tracks. Too much liquor really loosens Colby’s lips. Kendall, Greenlee and Babe’s joy is short lived.

Friday: Encore Presentation of February 18, 2008 Episode.

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