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OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 24 Edition

OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 24 Edition

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Friday, May 21, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Settling the score.


Penny helps get Rex and Gigi released from jail. They find old photos in the box, which leads them to Sangre De Cristo Range in Wheeler Park. On Wednesday, May 26, Rex and Gigi locate the cabin from picture and find a stack of letters. Later they discover that his parents where named Rick and Lili, and that they parted ways after a short romance in Sante Fe. Elsewhere in Llanview, Blair takes Téa to get her first radiation treatment on Tuesday, May 25. Although she is exhausted, she heads straight to the courthouse afterwards to defend Todd. The tension builds as Téa tries to get the charges dropped at Todd’s arraignment hearing, much to Nora’s disapproval. The judge refuses Téa’s demands, but does agree to let Todd out on bail. Upon his release, Todd tells his hired thug to kidnap Hannah, who is later brought to his office bound and gagged on Friday, May 28.

The Inside Story: A Crime of Passion

Starr is floored when Langston confesses all to her on Monday, May 24. Although she holds Langston accountable for what happened, she vows to stand by her. Still upset, Markko hides out at the Buenos Dias. Meanwhile, a severly beaten Ford is left for dead. On Tuesday, May 25, he is found by Cristian and Layla, who quickly call 911. Markko arrives at emergency room at Llanview Hospital complaining of a sprained wrist, just in time to see Ford being wheeled in. Dorian covers for Langston after learning of the beating, and later confronts her about it on Wednesday, May 26. Cristian bumps into to Markko when he goes to the hospital to check on Ford. He tells Markko that he and Layla informed the cops of how angry he was the last time they saw him, and warns him that, if Ford dies, he could arrested on a murder rap. Langston assures Dorian that she did not harm Ford. Jessica watches a news report about the incident, and wonders if she to blame. Markko tells John that he punched Ford because he was fooling around with his girlfriend, and that he spent the night alone at the cafe. By Friday, May 28, both Langston and Markko set on pins and needles as the LPD continue their investigation. And Markko asks Téa to represent him just before he is placed under arrest.

A Closer Look: Together Again

John finds Natalie at the airport, where he proclaims his feelings for her. He then explains that what she saw with Marty was actually nothing more than a farewell smooch. Natalie decides not to tell John about her little tryst with Brody the night before. Jessica confesses to a relieved Brody that her memory has returned on Monday, May 24. Natalie is overjoyed to finally have her sister back. As she recalls what jogged her memory, she leaves out her little rendezvous with Ford. And on Friday, May 28, Jessica apologizes to Cristian for all the trouble she caused him and Layla.

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