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AMC PreVUE: Week of May 10 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of May 10 Edition

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Monday, May 10, 2010 at 3:01 PM ET by Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Love game.


Colby gets around Liza’s latest plot to keep her and Damon apart. Damon reaches out to Tad after a chat with Colby on Tuesday, May 11. Amanda’s inner turmoil intensifies in the wake of her latest confrontation with Janet. Jack confronts Erica over sabotaging Greenlee’s business deal. Greenlee and Erica face off. Jack tells Opal how he really feels about Erica on Friday, May 14.

The Inside Story: Heartbreak
On Monday, May 10, a reeling JR rages at Annie in the wake of Marissa walking out on him. News of JR and Annie’s affair spreads across town. Tad offers JR his compassion; while a less compassionate David offers the young Chandler a taste of his fist. Marissa reaches the end of her rope with her opinionated parents. JR drops by to talk to Krystal. Krystal grows concerned about JR who wonders if Marissa still loves him. Things, meanwhile, go from bad to worse for Annie who learns that Adam has seen to it that she’s cut off from absolutely every material thing Chandler related. Annie runs into danger. On Thursday, May 14, JR pours out his heart to Marissa when she shows up at the mansion to check on him. Marissa can’t give JR what he wants from her. JR bristles when he learns that Scott has moved Annie into the gatehouse. Thinking he’s about to take a drink, Marissa grabs the glass of booze sitting in front of JR and downs it. JR catches a woozy Marissa. Marissa opens up to JR.

A Closer Look: Bad Love
Ryan and Greenlee reach a new understanding. Randi warns Madison that David won’t stop going after her or the Hubbard’s until her gets what he wants. Madison goes to see David. David feigns confidence when Erica pokes him about the state of his marriage to Greenlee on Tuesday, May 11. Madison begins to plot her seduction of Ryan per David’s orders. David confronts Greenlee after noticing she has a home pregnancy test. Greenlee and David disagree on the issue of having children. Greenlee is relieved when the test results come back negative. Tad informs Ryan that an apparently homeless Madison has been sneaking into vacant rooms at the casino. Madison, sporting a black eye, confronts Ryan and leads him to believe that the man he saw her with earlier hit her. Ryan offers to let Madison stay in the hotel without charge. Madison can’t continue deceiving Ryan on Friday, May 14. Greenlee confronts David after overhearing his revealing conversation with Ryan and Madison.

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