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ABC Daytime’s Memorial Day Leftovers

ABC Daytime’s Memorial Day Leftovers

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:30 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — For many it is the unofficial start of summer, or a day to remember deceased friends and loved ones, but Memorial Day is also a time when ABC Daytime gets to remind viewers of some of the key moments from recent storylines. 

On Monday, May 31, instead of showing first-run episodes of your favorite ABC Daytime dramas like “All My Children,” “General Hospital” or “One Life to Live,” the network has opted to air repeat episodes of the soaps. These episodes are said to be defining moments in each soaps current storylines. In addition, ABC will provide “All My Children” viewers with a special treat by converting the encore episode, which was originally broadcast in Standerd Definition, to HD. 

So if you want to relive Hayley bringing Pine Valley together, David running Kim out of Llanview, or the fallout as Sonny shoots his own son Dominic in Port Charles, then this Memorial Day ABC has you covered.  In case you missed these episodes the first time around, here is preview of what to expect:

  • “All My Children” Episode #10282 (original air date 01/05/10 –Part 2 of “AMC’s” 40th anniversary special) — Many familiar faces, including Brooke, Maria, Greg, and Nina, take part in Hayley’s special episode of “Wave” celebrating Pine Valley. The town’s leading citizens, such as Erica and Adam et al, share their stories and reminisce about living in Pine Valley as they’re interviewed for the segments Hayley has titled “My Home,” “Love and Marriage,” “Family Friendly,” “Loss,” “Saying Goodbye to Pine Valley,” and “Hope.” As Hayley’s show comes to a close, everyone speaks from the heart about life in their beloved hometown.
  • “One Life to Live” Episode #10656 (original air date 04/02/10) — David hides while Kim tells Clint she cheated on him and is leaving. Kim vows to get Clint back and find a way to destroy David. Starr reluctantly keeps Langston’s secret when Cole and Markko question her and Langston. Schuyler lures Gigi up to the cabin as Bo and Brody realize that Allison’s gun is missing. Bo tells Rex that Oliver is Sierra Rose’s father and Rex tells Bo he doesn’t know who his parents are. John tells Natalie that Marty is moving in with him. Allison tells Kelly and Todd that she went to California to murder Melinda but Melinda was already dead when she got there.
  • “General Hospital” Episode #11983 (original air date 01/29/10) — Everyone gathers for Josslyn’s christening. Dominic makes a bold move when he realizes Sonny is planning on having him meet an untimely demise and their confrontation takes a tragic turn. Lucky admits to Jason he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to be a good father to Jake. Robin advises Nikolas to keep his distance from Elizabeth.

Original episodes of your favorite ABC soaps return Tuesday, June 1st.

“All My Children,” “General Hospital,” and “One Life to Live” air Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on ABC.com and SOAPnet.com.  Check local listings.