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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 19 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of April 19 Edition

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Friday, April 16, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

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On Monday, April 19, Jack and Erica face their conflicting feelings about their respective daughters choices together. Brot and Natalia’s signals continue to cross. Damon faces judgment day. A grateful David makes Liza a promise. Greenlee tries to stifle her pain in the wake of Ryan washing his hands of her. Angie gives David bad news about his future in medicine. Greenlee and David decide to move forward together and make love for the first time on Friday, April 23. Amanda’s stalker swipes a meaningful possession.

The Inside Story: Listen to Your Heart Beat
JR finds himself at Annie’s mercy following cruelly rejecting her. On Monday, April 19, JR comes across a naked Annie. Annie’s anger ignites when JR tells her he only slept with her to set up her fall. JR and Annie’s fight gives way to lust just as Adam arrives on the scene. JR tells Adam the truth. Adam calls bull on JR’s “selfless” reason for bedding Annie. Annie reels when Adam comes to the realization that he probably never loved her on Thursday, April 22. A postal Annie confronts JR with a fireplace poker. JR remains conflicted about his feelings. Still in the dark, Marissa insists to JR that he can’t throw Annie out of the mansion. Annie informs JR that she will reveal the truth to Marissa if he attempts to cross her again.

Brooke summons all her strength to walk away from Adam. On Tuesday, April 20, Brooke finally confesses her love to a thrilled Adam. Adam’s joy is shattered when Brooke tells him she won’t break up his marriage and proceeds to walk to out of his life. JR realizes Brooke is not just leaving the mansion. Stuart’s spirit pays a forlorn Adam a visit. Brooke asks Erica to look after Adam once she leaves. Erica reaches out to an emotional Brooke. Adam orders Erica to get her pilot to turn Brooke’s plane around. Brooke is stunned when she finds herself back in Pine Valley where Adam greets her with the announcement that his marriage is over. Adam tells Brooke that he’ll never stop loving her and insists that they deserve to be together. Brooke and Adam leave Pine Valley together on Friday, April 23.

A Closer Look: Goodbye My Friend
Opal calls Erica with news of Palmer’s passing on Monday, April 19. On Tuesday, April 20, Palmer’s loved ones, including Daisy and Nina, gravitate to Tad’s place to mourn their loss together. Daisy is stunned when Opal tells her she knows about her and Palmer’s annual rendezvous. Opal is affected when Daisy explains to her that Palmer was planning to end their arrangement because Opal was the woman he wanted to be with. Adam is surprised to be greeted with open arms when he arrives at Tad’s. Adam gives Nina a gift. Everyone reflects on a special moment they shared with Palmer as they light candles in his memory at the stroke of midnight.

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  • David reels when his marital consummation proves to be less than ideal. (Soap Opera Digest)
  • Ryan secretly comes to Madison’s rescue after realizing how dire her situation is. (National Enquirer)

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