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Staten Island Infants Make Llanview Debut

Staten Island Infants Make Llanview Debut

Photo: ABC

Thursday, March 4, 2010 2:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Twins Sophia and Audrina Miscione tackle the recurring role of Sierra Rose on “One Life to Live.”

The five-month-old infants made their television premiere last month as the premature daughter of the late pole-dancer Stacy Morasco (Crystal Hunt).

According to an interview with Tevah Platt of the Staten Island Advance, the role came as a surprise to the Miscione family. A cousin of the babies mother Denise, was registering her son at the Tottenville, New York based management agency Tribune Talent, when she discovered that the company was lookig for a set of identical twin infants.

A few times a week, Sophia and Audrina and their family head for the “OLTL” set from their home in Oakwood. While at the studios, the infants are under the careful care of the mother and a staff nurse.

“It’s great, actually, it’s like having a second family,” Denise Miscione tells the paper. “The twins are very nosy and they love people, and they get so much attention over there.”

The family plans on saving the infants income, by placing the money into a trust fund to help them pay for college. “We were thinking of their future. There will be college and cars, and we’ll have two that will be the same age and it’s not like you get a break,” comments Mrs. Miscione, who admits to be being a fan of “One Life to Live” since she was a teenager.

The family also includes husband Pete, and an 11-year-old son Brandon.

Using twin babies is nothing new for soaps, since it allows producers to continue to sidetrack child labor laws, which limit a kid’s screen time to twenty-minutes intervals.

To read the full interview and see a picture of the adorable infants, click here.

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