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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 15 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 15 Edition

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Friday, March 12, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The Ides of March.


Hannah is upset when Ford gives her an icy reception on Tuesday, March 16. Later Cole discovers her unconscious in her dorm room. Langston cuts class to rendezvous with Ford, and later covers her tracks when Markko arrives on the scene. Starr can’t believe Langston’s musical is about her and Cole. Markko finds the missing button from Langston’s blouse in Ford’s office on Wednesday, March 17. Cole ponders if Hannah intentionally tried to OD on sleeping pills. Starr confronts Langston on Thursday, March 18, but ultimately gives her permission to use her life story. Cole sympathizes with Hannah, and agrees not to tell anyone about the incident. Elsewhere in Llanview, Destiny and Matthew sign-up to audition for Langston’s upcoming musical. Danielle continues to lash out at school. Roxy, Natalie, Nora, and Layla run out of beer at Foxy Roxy’s and go to Rodi’s where they meet up with John, Bo, Brody, and Fish. Everyone soon ends up dancing, except John and Natalie, who are left alone at the bar. Hoping to forget Todd, Blair hops in the sack with Eli on Friday, March 19, but leaves when he says he wants more than just sex. After a run-in with Jessica, however, Blair has a change of heart, and is shocked to see Eli with Téa.

The Inside Story: Daddy Dearest

Mitch is surprised by Allison’s news that Schuyler is his son, and that Sierra Rose is “his” granddaughter on Monday, March 15. However, she is forced to make a hasty exit before she can reveal more. Meanwhile, Gigi’s interest is peeked when Roxy tells her she knows what it’s like to have a baby ripped from your arms. When questioned, Roxy’s first instinct is to lie, however she soon confesses that she once gave birth to a son that died. Rex and Schuyler continue to butt heads. Natalie is surprised that her father married Kim. Greg leaves Fish with something to think about when he is adamant that Schuyler isn’t fit to raise a child. By Friday, March 19, Téa tells Schuyler that Eli arranged for a social worker to pay him a visit. At the same time, Allison ‘takes care’ of the woman, and knocks on Schuyler’s door. Gigi asks Rex to marry her.  John informs Marty that Natalie told him she was pregnant. Angry, Marty asserts that she needed time to sort things out, and is prepared to be a single mother again. John throws her for a loop however, when he confesses that he is ready to be a father on Monday, March 15. Bo congratulates John upon hearing the news, but has the feeling that something else is weighing on his mind. Marty informs Natalie that John is looking forward to being a dad.

A Closer Look: Reality Bites

Paying his niece a visit, Todd has to convince Jessica that he is still her same ole’ uncle Todd, just with a new face on Tuesday, March 16. Jessica is skeptical when he tells her that Cristian and Blair once had a fling, and breaks down when she finally realizes that she must accept the fact that Cristian has moved on with his life. Despite that fact, Todd encourages Jessica to fight for her man. Across town, Dorian fails to persuade Kelly to remain in Llanview, as she is preparing to return to London. On Wednesday, March 17, Kelly is consumed with rage when Todd has his driver drag her into his office at The Sun, where he tries to talk her into accepting his job offer. Kelly fires back, accusing Todd of only wanting to hire her because it will get under Blair’s skin. Jessica isn’t pleased to find Cristian and Blair in a harmless embrace. After Blair leaves, Cristian forces Jessica to face reality, and tells her that he and Natalie were once married, and so were she and Antonio. Distraught, Jessica runs off. On Thursday, March 18, Cristian follows Jessica to the Llanview High gym, where she recalls the first time they met. History nearly repeats itself when Jessica remembers their first kiss. Later Jessica is left reeling when Cristian chooses Layla over her. Meanwhile, Todd enjoys watching Blair and Kelly’s catfight. Out of pure spite for her cousin, Kelly agrees to sign a contract and become Todd’s newest employee. However, by Friday, March 19, Kelly is floored when Todd forces her to honor the terms of her new contract. Although she gives in, she reminds him that she is no pushover.

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