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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 1 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 1 Edition

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Friday, February 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A period of mourning.


Langston and Ford make love. Later, after Langston tells her that she cheated on Markko, Blair sets out to expose Ford. Claiming she wants to have sex with him, Blair invites Ford over on Tuesday, March 2. Her plan backfires however, when Ford pretends to be insulted when Langston accuses him of trying to hook up with Blair. Later, Langston ends up in Ford’s bedroom when she goes to apologize. Elsewhere in Llanview, Hannah visits Cole so they can study together, and is surprised to learn that he lives with Starr and that they have a baby together. Natalie downplays her feelings for John. Kelly encounters Todd at St. James, where he decides to make a large donation to the church to try and redeem himself to Danielle. Kelly warns him, however, that you can’t buy forgiveness. Todd and Téa are summoned to Llanview High by the school principal on Wednesday, March 3, when their daughter is accused of cheating. Danielle, impressed to watch Todd stand up for her, refuses to allow Matthew to take the fall for her, and admits to stealing test answers. Todd makes a rather large donation to the school to get his daughter out of trouble.

The Inside Story: First Love

Jessica confesses to Cristian that seeing him makes her feel like they are still high school sweethearts on Monday, March 1. Cristian tries to convince her that things have changed and that he has moved on. Although she understands that she should be happy for him, Jessica admits that she’s not. On Tuesday, March 2, Jessica sneaks out of the hospital to visit Cristian, who is surprised to find his former girlfriend on his doorstep. After telling him that she feels cheated out of everything she was looking forward to back when she was eighteen, Jessica is angered to learn that Cristian and Layla are shacking up on Wednesday, March 3. Meanwhile, Marty urges Brody to give Jessica as much time and space as she needs. Nora puts Dorian in the hot seat when she threatens to press charges against her. Charlie begs Viki for a second chance. By Friday, March 5, someone is spying on Jessica, Natalie, and Viki outside Llanfair. And Cristian is floored when Jessica shows up in his classroom and announces that she is now one of his students. Across town, Andrew and Cassie break the news to the Cramer clan that Melinda passed away after suffering a heart attack in her sleep. Dorian is certain that Mitch is somehow to blame for her sister’s death. Blair calls a truce with Kelly, and begins to comfort her grieving cousin. Meanwhile, one of Mitch’s disciples visits him in prison with news of Melinda’s passing and receives further instructions from the former cult leader on Monday, March 1. Kevin returns to Llanview to be with Kelly after learning of her mother’s sudden death. And Mitch is ambiguous when Dorian asks if their debt has been settled.

A Closer Look: Baby Blues

As they continue to set vigil for Sierra Rose, Gigi is thankful for Rex’s support. When he stops by the loft for a change of clothes, Rex is surprised to find Adriana waiting for him on Tuesday, March 2. Despite her hatred of Gigi, Adriana urges Rex to patch things up with the woman he loves, because she truly believes they were meant to be together. Schuyler confesses to Gigi that he stole the oxytocin from the hospital, but swears he never used it on Stacy. Still angry, however, Gigi vows to Rex that she will never let Schuyler anywhere near the baby. Meanwhile Schuyler tears into Kim, going as far as blaming her for Stacy’s demise. By Wednesday, March 3, Gigi is deeply touched when Rex gives her the Sierra and Rose dolls that he found in Stacy’s closet. Caught up in the moment of childhood nostalgia, she tells Rex that she wants to raise her sister’s baby. At the same time, Kim has a vision of Stacy, who asks her to be a mother to Sierra Rose. Clint turns the tables on Kevin when he questions his father about his relationship with Kim, by asking him where things stand with him and Kelly. After being caught off-guard by Kevin’s marriage proposal, Kelly thinks they both need to move on with their lives. On Thursday, March 4, Kim confides in Clint that she wants to marry him because she feels that being Mrs. Clint Buchanan would make her look for respectable in the eyes of the court. Eli advises Rex and Gigi that they must go after Schuyler with everything they’ve got if they are to have a chance and winning custody of Sierra Rose. Téa counsels Schuyler as he is about to face the Llanview Hospital ethics committee. Kim informs Kyle and Fish that she plans on marrying Clint and raising Stacy’s baby. Kyle, meanwhile, cannot believe that Fish is fine with the thought of Kim raising a baby that might be his, and presents him with the DNA test he had conducted. Clint wants Kim to sign a pre-nup.

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