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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 18 Edition

OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 18 Edition

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Friday, January 15, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A father’s Love.


Natalie and Jessica are disappointed to learn that Kim has moved into Asa’s mansion. Langston confesses to Blair that she fantasized about Ford while making love to Markko on Tuesday, January 19. Placed on the spot by Cristian and Layla, Markko has no choice but to invite Ford to Starr and Langston’s party at Capricorn. Meanwhile, Langston can hardly conceal her emotions after learning that Ford is coming to her party. By Friday, January 22, Langston doesn’t try to stop Ford from kissing her. Elsewhere in Llanview, Jessica receives a letter from her father, who asks her meet him on the docks, alone. Leaving another cop to secretly guard Jessica, Brody confronts the Devil himself on Thursday, January 21. Meanwhile, Nurse Charles targets Jessica. Mitch has Brody right where he wants him when the cop attacks him on the docks. John arrives in time to prevent Brody from killing Mitch. Afterward, Brody’s attempt to get to Jessica is blocked by Lowell, who orders that he be detained. When John prevents the cops from going after Brody when he flees the scene, Lowell promptly has John arrested. It proves too late, however, as Jessica has already fallen prey to Nurse Charles.

The Inside Story: Haunted by the Past

Téa and Danielle show up on Rachel’s doorstep after returning to Llanview on Tuesday, January 18. Téa informs Rachel that Danielle knows the truth about Todd, but conveniently fails to mention that Ross is still alive. Meanwhile, Blair takes a brooding Todd to see Starr on her birthday. Afterward, Todd is pleasantly surprised by a visit from Téa, who revels that Danielle now knows that he is her father. At the same time, Rachel dodges Danielle’s questions about Todd. However, she later researches her father’s background via the Internet. On Wednesday, January 20, Todd is shocked to learn that, not only is Ross alive, but that he is responsible for getting Danielle to return to Llanview. As Todd dreads confessing his checkered past to his daughter, Danielle learns all the sordid details. Matthew is surprised to see Danielle when he visits his sister’s apartment. Danielle’s joy over being reunited with Matthew is short-lived when she voices her dismay over Todd being her biological father. Later, Téa returns to find Danielle missing. Despite his best attempt to persuade her otherwise, Marty refuses to help make Todd look good to Danielle on Thursday, January 21. Thing get even worse for Todd when Téa tips him off that Danielle has already researched his past. Across town, Matthew tries to ease Danielle’s fears by introducing her to Starr, who tries to provide her with new insight into their father’s personality. As they are anxious to find their daughter on Friday, January 22, Todd wonders if it would make more sense for Téa and Danielle to simply return to Tahiti, however Téa reassures him that everything will work out eventually. And Matthew tries to clear the air with Destiny.

A Closer Look: Lies, Blackmail, and a Baby

Following a random encounter with Charlie at a bar, Dorian makes the suggestion that murdering Mitch would solve everyone’s problems on Monday, January 18. Viki is grateful when Charlie returns to Llanfair without falling off the wagon during his latest outing. Meanwhile, Bo reminds Rex that he will always be there for him, when Rex tells him about how Mitch tried to kidnap Stacy and their baby. Gigi can sense that something is bothering Schuyler, but has no clue as to what it could be. Kyle despises keeping Schuyler and Stacy’s secret. Stacy, meanwhile, confides in Kim that she is worried the truth will come out when she fails to give birth on Valentine’s Day. After doing some research on the Internet, Kim discovers a labor-inducing drug called oxytocin, and shares her findings with Stacy. They soon agree to coerce Schuyler into getting them some of the drug. Kyle puts on his thinking cap on Tuesday, January 19, after learning that Fish slept with Stacy, and considers the fact that her baby may really be his. Across town, Rex and Stacy meet with Eli to determine who should get custody of the baby in the event that something happens to both of them. On Wednesday, January 20, Fish is floored when Kyle suggests that he could be the father of Stacy’s baby, and they soon confront Stacy and Kim with with their suspicions. Even though they threaten to go to Rex and Schuyler, Stacy and Kim warn them to keep their mouths shut or risk the destruction of Kyle’s medical career. Choosing a better course of action, Fish and Kyle decide to wait until after the baby is born to get a DNA test. Wanting to protect Viki from what he is really up to, Charlie leads her to believe that he is drinking again when she tracks him down at a bar. Charlie and Dorian forge a pact when he tells her that he’s decided to murder Mitch in cold blood.

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