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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 11 Edition

HOME / Previews / OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 11 Edition


OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 11 Edition

Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC

Friday, January 8, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

( — Independence Day.


Blair and Eli have sex on Police Commissioner Lowell’s desk on Monday, January 11. Matthew feels lonesome without Danielle. Jessica decides to be nicer toward Stacy after learning from Rex that Mitch is out to get her baby. Ford takes Fish, Layla and Cristian up on their offer to move in with them. Rex informs Gigi that he is now living with Stacy because of threats to “his” unborn child. Schuyler goes after Stacy upon learning that Mitch attacked her and the baby. Kyle walks in during the argument just in time to hear that Schuyler, and not Rex, is Stacy’s baby’s daddy. Blair can’t get enough of her new boytoy. David sets out to sue Ford over royalties he’s been getting from an Internet version of their failed reality TV show, however his visions of dollar signs are soon dashed on Friday, January 15. Kyle and Ford have an awkward meeting. Stacy and Schuyler work to convince themselves that Kyle will keep his mouth shut. And Fish tells Kyle that has accepted Rex’s offer to pick up a little extra cash by protecting Stacy and the baby when not on duty with the LPD.

The Inside Story: Am I My Father’s Daughter?

Lowell must drop all charges against John when Jessica, Brody, Marty and Cole all confess to stabbing Mitch. However, Lowell remains furious that Nora tricked him, and promptly fires John from the police force on Monday, January 11. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief when John announces that no one will ever serve time for stabbing Mitch. Natalie later tells Viki and Charlie that she is the guilty party. Bo and John ask Brody to be their mole as they plot to take down Mitch and Dorian. Meanwhile, Mitch reminds Dorian who’s boss. Later, Dorian hatches a new scheme after overhearing Charlie say that he recently tried to kill Mitch while in a drunken stupor. Across town, Stacy confides her recent ordeal with Kim, telling her that Rex has decided to move back to the loft to protect her and the baby. Kim, meanwhile, quickly lands on her feet and finds a new home in the Buchanan mansion. However, by Tuesday, January 12, Nora threatens to sell the family home when Clint attempts to sue her millions of dollars as part of their divorce settlement. Fortunately, Kim manages to convince Clint to drop the lawsuit in exchange for keeping the mansion. Suspicious of his uncle’s new lady friend, David confronts Kim. His plans of exposing her fail when Clint thanks Kim for having only the best of intentions on Wednesday, January 13. After tossing David out, Clint informs Kim that he knows what she’s trying to do. By Friday, January 15, Dorian is left a nervous wreck when John realizes the real reason why she fired Bo. John tells her that the only way to break free of Mitch’s control is to turn on him. Mitch, meanwhile taunts and teases Viki, Charlie, Jessica and Natalie at the Buenos Dias Café. And Viki grows concerned for Charlie’s mental state when he leaves alone and angry.

A Closer Look: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Todd is enraged when Cole asks Starr to move in with him on Monday, January 11. Even though he remains vehemently opposed to the idea, Blair convince him to bite his tongue or risk straining his relationship with his daughter. Starr gathers her and Hope’s belongings, and shares and emotional farewell with her parents. Another Cramer girl soon leaves the nest as well, when Langston accepts Markko’s offer to move into the apartment as well. But will four teens and a baby be able to share an apartment without driving each other crazy? In Tahiti, Danielle is shocked to be greeted by Ross. On Tuesday, January 12, Téa is floored to discover that her ex-husband is very much alive. Unnerved to learn that Danielle attempted to murder Todd, Ross decides it’s time “his” daughter learned the truth. Ross and Téa rehash the entire sordid story when she refuses to accept the fact that Todd Manning is her biological father. Furthermore Ross encourages Danielle to return to Llanview to get closer to Todd. As they prepare to leave for the U.S., Téa and Danielle forge a pact in which she won’t squeal about Ross if Danielle will got back to home with her. Back in Llanview, Mitch suggest to Todd that he could silence Cole permannetly if he would nudge Jessica to get closer to him on Wednesday, January 13. Realizing what a physco the former cult leader is, Todd advises Mitch to stay away form his family; Mitch warns Todd that he’s making a big mistake by crossing him. Meanwhile, Langston and Markko realize that their new living arrangement with Starr, Cole, and Hope isn’t going to work. Blair gives Dorian an icy reception when she informs her aunt that Langston has moved in with Markko. And on Thursday, January 14, Langston bumps into Ford, who is apartment hunting, and the pair are soon spotted by Markko.

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