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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 5 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of April 5 Edition

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Friday, April 2, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Crashing cars.


Madison bristles when Ryan confronts her about her gambling. On Wednesday, April 7, Krystal confronts David over his disinterest in Marissa. Somebody is taking an intense interest in Amanda. Adam refuses to leave a recovering Brooke’s side on Tuesday, April 6. Annie impulsively embraces JR after he offers to take his father’s place and accompany her to Washington. Colby points out to JR that his plan to seduce Annie is a recipe for disaster. In Washington, JR subtly moves in on a flustered Annie after she discovers that Adam blatantly lied to her. Brooke is touched by Adam’s gesture. JR is unsettled to realize that Annie isn’t the only one falling victim to his plot on Friday, April 9. Will JR and Annie give in to temptation?

The Inside Story: Sudden Impact
Greenlee is left with more questions after turning to Jack and Erica for answers. David tells Liza why he won’t allow her to build his case around Kendall’s culpability in Greenlee’s accident. Greenlee is stunned to realize that Kendall doesn’t know she’s alive on Tuesday, April 6. Greenlee learns that David is planning to plead out his case. Liza admits to Greenlee that there was another driver involved in her accident. Erica insists to Ryan that Greenlee will accuse Kendall of deliberately running her of the road if they tell her the truth. Natalia and Greenlee discover that the official report on Greenlee’s accident has been sealed. On Wednesday, April 7, the pair find a clue to Kendall’s location while searching through Erica’s computer. David grows suspicious when Greenlee has a sudden change of heart. Erica races to get to Kendall after realizing Greenlee may have discovered her location. Kendall can’t believe her eyes when Greenlee shows up at her door. Erica tries to explain her actions to Kendall before reluctantly leaving her and Greenlee alone to talk on Friday, April 9.

A Closer Look: Spinning Out
On Monday, April 5, Tad, Liza and Adam converge at the hospital after learning that Colby and Damon were in a car accident. The parents are told that Colby will be fine but Damon needs some minor surgery. Adam is shaken to the core when he realizes Brooke was the driver of the car Damon hit and is in serious condition. Jesse finds proof that Damon was sending a text message at the time of the accident. Tad and Angie ponder how to get through to Damon. Liza warns Tad to keep Damon away from Colby. Damon’s admission hits an emotional cord with Brooke on Wednesday, April 7. On Thursday, April 8, Angie reveals to Tad the item from her past that’s drawing her to Damon’s side. Tad and Damon are hopeful after talking to Damon’s probation officer. Liza schemes to make sure Damon lands in prison and far away from Colby.

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