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‘OLTL’ February Casting Highlights

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‘OLTL’ February Casting Highlights

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The latest casting comings and goings for “One Life to Live.”

It appears that Robert Krimmer will be making another appearance in Llanview as Andrew Carpenter sometime in near future.  It was reported that the information was leaked by some of the “One Life to Live” cast members present at the January 7th “Cramer Women Press Luncheon,” who stated that the actor was scheduled to tape scenes the following day.  A spokesperson for the show had no comment.  When viewers last saw the good reverend, he was officiating Llanview’s mass gay nuptials.   

Stephen Markle makes yet another ghostly appearance as Mel Hayes on Monday, February 8th, when he tries to reason with a defensive Dorian.  But is it too late to stop what she has already been put in motion? 

Eric Nelsen tweeted earlier this evening that he “Hung out with Kristen Alderson today before my One Life to Live audition. It went really well. Good vibes!”  Kristen responded with “YAY!! love ya!” It remains to be seen exactly which role Nelsen auditioned for, although it could be for the part of “Cody.” (See below).

Natalie Neckyfarow will play a patron at Capricorn when Snoop Dogg performs on Wednesday, February 24th.  Last summer the actress portrayed a customer at the Buenos Dias Café.

Mellini Kantayya portrays a nurse on Friday, February 12th and Wednesday, February 17th.

Is the new character Emile, a sauve businessman, about to make his “OLTL” debut?  Not sure…but look for a “handsome stranger” to send Kelly and Adriana glasses of champagne as the cousins get re-acquainted while dining at a Paris café on Friday, February 12th.  Remember that a casting call for the recurring role was issued late last year.

“OLTL” has released a another new audition script, this time for the role of “Cody (FKA Darren).”  The scene opens with “Cody” telling “Kate” how wonderful her audition for the school musical was, and that they will be together a lot while working on the play. Kate sarcastically says thanks, and begins to mock Cody.  Then he tells her that they can go to “Heather’s” Sweet 16 together.  Kate agrees, but then quickly says that the musical will take up a lot of her time, and that she won’t be able to finish her big term paper if she goes to the party.  Cody doesn’t take no for an answer however, and reminds her that it will be at the country club and everything.  Instead, Kate suggests that he help her with her paper.  She goes on to say that, if he helps her, that he will be rewarded, and then proceeds to rub his cheek.  As the scene ends, Cody says he will go to the library and check out some books, and Kate thanks him. 

Remember that, per “OLTL” policy, the names in these casting calls are frequently changed to throw off viewers.  In addition, this appears to be a recycled version of an audition script from 2007, which involved teens Henry Mackler (Jonathan Groff) and Britney Jennings (Portia Reiners).  Therefore it remains to be seen if the show is casting a similar character, or using the old script to secretly cast another role.  Although it has been RUMORED that “Cody” will be a potential love interest for Destiny.

And “One Life” is penning another high school musical in May.  Executive Producer Frank Valentini tells TV Guide that the soap wanted to do a musical last year, but the timing wasn’t good for the characters, many of which had very little sing about.  This year’s event, like the one in 2007, is expected to center around Starr and Cole. 

From the Twitter files…

Bree Williamson writes (Jan. 23rd): “Snow storm in llanview = awesome tv!! Yee haw!!!!”

Kassie DePaiva writes (Jan. 24th): “Having a great weekend in the Catskills . Watching the NFL playoffs. Working all week at Oltl.”

Kristen Alderson tweeted (Jan. 25th): “OMG what a good episode!! Can’t wait until next week. hahah”

Terrell Tilford teeted on January 9th that he was shooting scenes with Erika Slezak [Viki] & Jerry VerDorn [Clint] this AM! they inspire me!” Three days later he wrote that was “Shooting with Frankie Faison (as my dad) and Tonye Pitano (as my mother) tomorrow…how awesome is that!? Then with Erika & Jerry again!” Tilford also comments that he had “2 scenes down…8 more to go,” and that he “had a really looooonnnngggg day shooting today [January 12th]… yeah I know, ‘get over it!’ hmmm, okay I have. time for a glass of malbec.” And the actor was apparently on set when Snoop Dogg recently taped his upcoming February 24th appearance tweeting, “Good hangin’ with Snoop and FOI at ‘OLTL’… keepin’ it real!”  Additionally, the actor tweeted on Jan. 23rd that he “is having a glass of cabernet and working on his script for next week’s shoots…OOooo, if y’all only knew what was coming up! Whoa! Whew!”

And “OLTL” Music Director Paul Glass comments that the song at the end of today’s (Jan. 26th) episode was Jared Lee‘s “Who Am I?”   

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