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‘More Life to Live’: August 21 Edition

‘More Life to Live’: August 21 Edition

Saturday, August 22, 2009 11:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what you didn’t see the past few weeks on “One Life to Live.”


Blair insists to Dorian that she no longer has any romantic interest in Todd. Dorian, still nursing a hangover, tells Blair that she’s being too loud. Blair continues that, even though she no longer wants Todd, she sees no harm in stirring up a little trouble between him and Téa, considering all the problems Blair believes Téa has caused her over the years. Dorian interrupts and says to Blair that Todd been a bigger headache to her over the years than Téa. Blair agrees, and says she can use Téa’s secret to create friction between both her and Todd. Dorian asks Blair where she is going as she heads for the door. Blair states that she has business to take care of and that Dorian should finish her smoothie, saying it’s a good way to help get rid of a hangover.

Viki, Charlie, and Clint are talking upstairs at Asa’s lodge as the electricity comes back on. Natalie rejoices from downstairs about the lights being back on, and asks if they are back on upstairs as well. Viki responds in the affirmative, prompting Natalie to yell for the trio to come rejoin the group so they can start the party. Viki says that she is on her way, and begins walking to the staircase. Clint tells Charlie that he is a very lucky man to getting married to such a wonderful woman. Charlie thanks Clint and says he realizes just how blessed he is to have found someone like Viki. Charlie agrees when Clint tells him that it’s about time he and Viki were getting married, since she deserves to be happy. As the two men head downstairs, Asa’s long lost wedding gift to Viki and Clint from their first wedding in 1982 remains on the dresser.

Blair tells Rex that, while she doesn’t want Todd, she is nonetheless stuck with him because of the kids. Rex asks Blair if she is attempting to stick it to Todd by going after the woman he loves. She asks Rex if he has ever met Téa, and assures Rex that she is certainly not worth the concern he has for her. Blair blasts back when Rex tells her that maybe Todd and Téa are happy and in love, saying she doesn’t give a damn. Rex assert to Blair that she doesn’t care about anything other than getting what she wants, which he thinks is Todd. Blair tells Rex is he a horrible private investigator. Rex responds by saying that he is right, to which Blair gives him a frustrated look.

Madame Delphina is closing the curtains on her balcony doors as she prepares to contact Nash’s ghost for Jessica. Delphina says she needs to her money upfront, prompting Jessica to hand her a wad of bills. Delphina takes the money, claiming it will help in her concentration. As she prepares to get started, Delphina tells Jessica that she needs something personal of Nash’s that helps remind her of her late husband. She pulls a stuffed elephant from her purse, which Jessica tells Delphina that her that a few days ago, her daughter Bree said was given to her by her daddy. Delphina responds by saying “Whoa,” causing Jessica to ask if that is the physic’s professional opinion. Delphina isn’t so certain when Jessica says that a person would have had to transport the stuffed animal since it is a solid, physical object. Delphina goes on to say that it will provide them with some answers, but their chances of contacting Nash will increase if they use the picture of him that Jessica has in her wallet. A confused Jessica places the picture on the table. Delphina comments on how attractive he was as she places the picture next to the stuffed elephant. Then they each take a deep breath, at which point Delphina tells Jessica to clear her mind and remember Nash. However, she warns Jessica that there is no guarantee that she will be able to reach Nash’s spirit. Jessica confesses that she doesn’t believe in this kind of stuff. Delphina fires back by stating that she wonders how many people really believe in multiple personalities. Jessica responds that it’s only because they don’t understand it, but that once they see it first hand, then they are convinced that they are real. Delphina smiles and says that it’s funny how that works. Then they both place their hands on the table and begin their attempt to contact Nash’s spirit from beyond the grave.

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  • Markko and Langston make love for the second time.
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