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Tallulah Bean Leads a Dog’s ‘Life’

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Tallulah Bean Leads a Dog’s ‘Life’

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 3:44 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” fans were first introduced to the precocious pooch Tallulah Bean just over a year ago. Nicknamed David Vickers by her owner Tina Lord Roberts (Andrea Evans), the pair left town last fall. Now Tallulah returns to Llanview, however not as the canine version of the comedic conman, but as one of her pups.

Fans may recall that doggie David Vickers became a mother late last year, shortly before leaving town with her caregiver Tina, who let her daughter Sarah have the pick of the litter. However, when Sarah too decided to leave town a few months later to become a band promoter, the pup (then named Cristian Vega) was left with her roommate Layla Williamson, who renamed it Aziza.

As Aziza started to grow, viewers began to notice that the pup bore an uncanny resemblance to her mother David Vickers, and with good reason given that Aziza is also portrayed by Tallulah Bean. In a storyline that would confuse and befuddle even her human counterparts, Tallulah is now playing the daughter of the character she originated only last summer.

One thing is sure, however, the adorable shih tzu manages to steal every scene she is in. And given that “One Life to Live” recently began introducing a gay storyline involving Layla’s boyfriend and roommate Oliver Fish, it should provide more opportunities in the near future for Miss Tallulah to capture the hearts of “OLTL” fans. Now, if her only her two-legged co-stars could do the same.

In human casting news…

A first airdate has been announced for Michael Lowry, who will portray Ross Rayburn, a character last scene in 2002 stranded on a deserted isle with Todd Manning and Téa Delgado. Look for the former “All My Children” star to make his “OLTL” debut on Monday, August 31st.

Richard Topol portrays the rabbi in charge of marrying Clint Buchanan and Nora Hanen beginning Thursday, August 6th. David Forsyth (ex-John Hudson, “Another World”) will also be on hand for the double ceremony, as the priest who pronounces Viki Davidson and Charlie Banks husband and wife. Forsyth joined the cast of “OLTL” earlier this year in the recurring role of a man of the cloth.

David Vadim portrays Serge (or Sergei, according to Soap Opera Weekly), head of Llanview’s drug ring, and the supplier of pill-popping teen Asher Garnett (Evan Joiner). Expect Serge to try to cause problems for Cole beginning Thursday, August 6th. Vadim portrayed a boxer on “One Life to Live” back in 2007.

So much for being neighborly. The brass at “OLTL” are refusing to let Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan) return to the fading soap “Guiding Light” as the presumed dead Ross Marler for the long-running soap’s final episodes, according to Carolyn Hinsey. That’s show biz.

The Suds Report reveals that Billy Warlock (ex-AJ, “General Hospital”) was recently spotted hanging around the “One Life” studios. But instead of auditioning for a role, it appears Warlock was there to visit his good friends John-Paul Laviosier and Farah Fath (Rex Balsom and Gigi Morasco), who have become rather chummy with the actor and his wife, Julie Pinson (Janet, “As the World Turns”).

Is “OLTL” looking to cast the role of “Dakota?” According to one website, the daytime drama has released a script that appears eerily similar to one for “Veronica,” which SON first told you about back in March. The main difference between the two scripts is the replacing of the names “Veronica” and “Bobby” with “Matt” and “Dakota.”  Otherwise they are nearly identical, with only some rewording. However, it remains to be seen if the updated script is indeed valid. A spokesperson for “OLTL” had no comment.

And expect to see more dayplayer roles in some upcoming episodes.

Gossip Mill…

Expect to see Llanview’s blushing brides Viki Davidson (Erika Slezak) and Nora Hanen (Hillary B. Smith) dressed to perfection during their upcoming double wedding ceremony the first week of August. According to The Suds Report, Viki’s dress was designed by Rose Taft, while Nora’s was created by Pilar Rossi. To get a sneak peak a couple of scenes from the ceremony, click here.

Kristen Alderson reveals on her Twitter page that the “OLTL” episode where Cole and Starr had sex for the first time since giving birth to baby Hope, did not include the first half of the teens love scene. “Don’t worry though, they’ll probably show the beginning on ‘More Life To Live’ on Soapnet.com. They show cut scenes =),” assures Alderson. “More Life to Live” deleted scenes are posted every other Friday on ABC.com and Soapnet.com, with August 7th being the date in which they will be available for viewing.

In other Tweets, Alderson remarks that “‘OLTL’s’ executive producer [Frank Valentini] came up to me today and said ‘WOW, you have some AMAZING/LOYAL Starr and Cole fans!’ THANKS YOU GUYS XO!” Also, “oh & Brittany [Underwood] & I re-did the dressing room! They painted it friday & it’s VERY PINK haha but it looks awesome. SO GIRLY NOW!” She confesses that “OLTL” gets most of their clothing from Bloomingdale’s, and accessories and jewelry from Urban Outfitters and Lucky. And she gives an explanation to her fans: “They cut the part where Starr & Cole go on the bed but it squeaks,so they go on the floor instead. I know, it was unclear =(”

Kassie DePaiva reminds fans that “The Divas [of Daytime TV] really want to show ABC we have strong fan support in the Dallas /Fort Worth area. So if You can get to Billy Bob’s on August 22 for s free concert we would be thrilled to sing for You!!!!”

And finally, time for a shameless plug for my own new Twitter page dedicated to everything “One Life to Live” related on Soap Opera Network. As a starting goal, it would great to reach 100 followers by Saturday, August 1st. So sign up if you haven’t already. I will try to update the page on a daily basis with trivia, links to articles about “OLTL” at SON, breaking news, and much more. Be sure to check it out!

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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