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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 16 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 16 Edition

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:00 PM EDT | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Altered lives.


Cristain pays a visit to Evangeline on Tuesday, March 17. Eavesdropping, Layla’s anger boils while watching Cristian open up his heart to her comatose sister. Unable to take it any longer, she confronts Cristian, saying he is just like every other man in the world. Cristian, however beats Layla at her own game and accuses her of destroying her own relationships. On Monday, March 16, Stacy watches and listens as Roxy pays another visit to the long-term care facility to talk to Rex’s unresponsive father. Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared race to gather solid evidence to support their claim about baby Chloe. Brody and Jessica feel the heat between them, but agree to postpone a relationship for the time being and to focus on their friendship. Starr informs Schuyler that his late mother isn’t to blame for her baby’s death. Later, Schuyler allows Starr to believe that he and Stacy are rekindling their relationship. By Thursday, March 19, Jared and Natalie are on the verge of getting the proof they need, and realize that the impacts the truth will have on those involved. Markko continues to hide news of Lola’s flirting with him from Langston. And on Friday, March 20, Cristian and Layla argue after being locked in the diner’s freezer together.

The Inside Story: A Guilty Conscience
Bo and Nora deliver devastating news to Matthew. At the same time, Rex and Gigi share equally grim news with Shane. Roxy swipes a DNA sample from Rex’s father, hoping he will prove a match for Shane. On Tuesday, March 17, Nora lashes out at Cole, threatening to punish him to the full extent of the law. Cole, meanwhile, gives Marty the third degree, and wishes he could trade places with Matthew. Visiting Cole’s hospital room on Wednesday, March 18, Matthew absolves Cole of any guilt in the accident, claiming that he too could have made better choices. Marty finally accepts responsibility when confronted by Nora, who admits that she too is partly to blame for what has happened. Following the outburst, Marty and Nora comfort one another, and share their grief over their children. On Wednesday, March 18, Cole is arrested and taken to jail. Bo and Rex support one another. Brody’s support is appreciated by Gigi. Shane struggles to accept the fact that he has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. On Thursday, March 19, Shane meets another young male cancer patient at the hospital, and realizes that he will soon lose his hair. Roxy tells Shane that he should go ahead and shave his head now. But when Shane is worried that he will no longer look like his dad, Rex decides to shave his head as well. Meanwhile, a distraught Roxy discovers that the DNA sample she took from Rex’s father is a match for Shane. Stacy, once again spying on Roxy, comes up with a plan after overhearing the news. By Friday, March 20, Roxy is a bundle of nerves when confronted by Stacy. Later, Stacy listens as Gigi pleads with God to help her son.

A Closer Look: Tough Choices
Viki extends her support to a solemn Dorian, who has been keeping vigil outside Blair’s room on Tuesday, March 17. Addie arrives with Jack and Sam in tow, claiming that Jack wanted to visit his mother. However, soon thereafter Jack demands to see his father as well. Téa

announces that she is through being Todd’s babysitter and comes close to admitting her feelings for him on Tuesday, March 17. Viki and Jack arrive at Todd’s jail cell for a visit. Téa confesses to John that she didn’t murder Lee, and is confident that Todd didn’t’ as well. When asked about her personal feelings for Todd, Téa dances around John’s questions. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, March 18, Jack urges Todd to step up to the plate and be the father he Starr and Sam deserve. Soon afterward, Todd informs his new attorney that he is ready to fight for his children. On Thursday, March 19, John makes a startling connection between Marty and the murderer. Todd is determined to regain custody of his kids. And Marty seeks help with Cole from an unlikely source.

One Life to Live News and Headlines


  • Monday: Stacy plots to break up Rex and Gigi. John is concerned for Marty’s safety. Dorian wages war against Todd.
  • Tuesday: Téa

shares her feelings about Todd with Viki. Gigi can hardly fathom the depths of Stacy’s cruelty. Natalie and Jared receive confirmation.

  • Wednesday: Natalie is concerned that Jessica can’t handle the truth. Blair has an ally in Téa. Matthew brings Bo and Nora closer together, as someone else drifts further apart.
  • Thursday: Gigi feels she has the upper hand. Nora makes a difficult decision regarding Cole. Rex is the recipient of heartbreaking news.
  • Friday: Gigi is forced to do Stacy’s bidding. Téa displays her legal skills in court. Jared and Natalie contemplate telling Jessica the truth.

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